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Can we FedEx him the sledgehammer?

Orlando Scandrick's NFL career has barely begun...but he's already had two highlight reel hits as a Cowboy. Unfortunately...his first such hit left him heavily stingered, but this one was a beaut. I'm sure Patrick Ramsey is on Glenn Martinez' list right about now.


More Bronco alum news:
5 minutes with Legedu Naanee—Less if you read fast.


Orlando Scandrick is fast

Groundbreaking news today from Blogging the Boys. It seems that Orlando Scandrick (#32, above) is fast.

Orlando Scandrick is fast. He’s also adept at playing off receivers which gives him a nice head-start fitting in with the Cowboys coverage schemes. Can he do it when the pads come on and the physical nature of the game increases 100-fold? That’s what training camp is all about but from what we heard he has the technique and speed to be an effective cornerback. He might just be a steal in the 5th-round.
Future updates will reveal that Terrell Owens is arrogant, Tony Romo is whipped and Pacman Jones is felonious.


Scandrick a Cowboy

It may not have been as high as he could have gone, but Orlando Scandrick apparently made a fairly wise decision coming out early as the Dallas Cowboys made him their 8th pick of the 5th round on Sunday. Scandrick was the 143rd pick overall. Scandrick, who ran a 4.3 40 for scouts will be missed in the Bronco secondary and on special teams since he has started in those roles since his true freshman year. BSU fans might not miss the penalties, but we will miss this:

Conference call to Scandrick courtesy of Cowboys' Website: