Boise State Movie Poster Contest

As most of you know, Boise State has granted film rights to the story of the 2006 Bronco football season to Iron Circle Pictures. The documentary film, which is tentatively titled Out of the Blue: A Film About Life and Football will have Boise State grad and accomplished Hollywood director Michael Hoffman at the helm and is scheduled to be completed by the fall of 2007. Here's the deal: Design a movie poster for the film and send it to me...I will post them all on this site and when I choose a winner, that person will get a lovely 8 x 10 Bronco Football photo for their wall, den, bathroom or whatever. You game? Send 'em in!

Feel free to use your own elements or pics for this, but here are 6 images to use if you have none:

1 2 3 4 5 6

Forgot to put a deadline on this baby...Let's say have them submitted by April 21st.

Jpegs or gifs are preferred and try to keep the file size under 500k.

All photos are found in the 2007 Winter edition of FOCUS magazine and were taken by John Kelly

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Anonymous said...

Cool Sight!
I dig the Stamp 'em out poster!