Broncos in the draft

In the wake of the epic Fiesta Bowl win, BSU sent a record 6 players to the NFL combine...those players were: QB Jared Zabransky, TE Derek Schouman, WR Drisan James, S Gerald Alexander, WR Jerard Rabb and WR Legadu Naanee. Noticeably absent from the combine was all-everything linebacker and WAC defensive player-of-the-year Korey Hall. Hall did work out for scouts at the Caven-WIlliams sports complex during BSU's pro day and was joined by other notable seniors Colt Brooks, Brad Lau and others. Ideally, BSU would have all of these guys drafted—all combine invitees performed very well and all led their group in at least one test...however, I realistically see 3 or possibly 4 getting drafted, with others settling for Free Agent contracts. The most "draftable" Broncos are probably Alexander, Zabransky, Schouman (who is being projected as a possible fullback) and Naanee. I truly believe that these guys are going to get a shot and have an even stronger belief that the others will land free agent contracts and work their ways onto rosters.

Zabransky is the most intriguing draftee of the bunch. Considered a draft longshot a few months back...he now has several teams interested in his services and may be taken relatively early (4-6th round). Z's appearance as the cover boy of NCAA 08 has surely helped his notoriety, but showing his athleticism and speed at the combine has no doubt turned some heads as well. Zabransky had one of the top shuttle times at the combine out of EVERY position, ran among the fastest 40s and was very accurate with his throws. I believe that Z will be a steal if he is drafted because of his intelligence (top 10 Wonderlic score), escapability and "S" cape ability (remember the 85 yard scamper against Hawaii in '04)

It will be an interesting draft day and by the end, will probably have the most Broncos taken ever. These guys know how to win and are hard-workers...every one of them could make a GM very happy. Good luck to all outgoing seniors...make us proud in the NFL!


Spring Scrimmage number 2

As you can see from the above video—the offense has caught up to the defense a bit after the second scrimmage of the spring. Taylor Tharp bounced back from a poor showing at the first scrimmage to lead all Bronco QBs. Tharp went 9 of 11 for 122 yards and 2 passing TDs, one to Freshman RB Jeremy Avery and another to Tanyon Bissell. Bush Hamdan kept pace having another solid outing going 5 of 7. Sophomore Nick Lomax showed that he isn't giving up on the job just yet going a very respectable 3 for 3 and not turning the ball over once. Freshman QB Mike Coughlin fell back to earth a bit hitting 50 percent of his passes, however, he also threw two interceptions—one to LB Tim Brady and another to safety Marty Tadman.

Tanyon Bissell led all Bronco receivers with 2 grabs for 50 yards and a TD. Sophomore Jeremy Childs was close behind with 49 yards on two receptions. RB Jeremy Avery showed that he can catch as well as run as he contributed 32 receiving yards and a TD to go along with his 10 rushing yards. Sophomore Aiona Key notched 29 yards on a reverse and brought in one pass for 12 yards.

The Bronco D continued to look strong contributing 2 INT with a 3rd coming during redzone drills as Marty Tadman took a Bush Hamdan pass 94 yards the other way for a score. The most spectacular turnover took place when Tadman robbed high-jump-specialist Aiona Key of a high Mike Coughlin throw, landing flat on his back with the pigskin.

Updated QB odds:
1. Hamdan
2. Tharp
3. Coughlin
4. Lomax

Spring Scrimmage #2 picture album. Courtesy of statueleftblog
Spring Scrimmage #2


Hard hittin' Broncos

Boise State's reputation for offensive fireworks is well deserved, but BSU can play "D" too. From Quintin Mikell to Colt Brooks...The Broncos have had players over the years that can lay the wood. Here are two big time hits from the 2006 season. I will be looking for more videos to show the how the Broncos roll on D. If anyone has Colt Brooks demolition of the Vandals' QB in 2005, please send me a link or a vid.

Dynamite comes in small, Austin Smith-sized packages.

"GA" nearly decapitates Utah's RB

Any more nominees?