2008 Football schedule announced.

Sat 8/30 - vs. Idaho State
Sat 9/6 - BYE
Sat 9/13 - vs. Bowling Green
Sat 9/20 - at Oregon
Wed 10/1 - vs. Louisiana Tech - ESPN
Sat 10/11 - at Southern Miss
Fri 10/17 - vs. Hawai'i - ESPN
Fri 10/24 – at San Jose State – ESPN2
Sat 11/1 - at New Mexico State
Sat 11/8 - vs. Utah State
Sat 11/15 - at Idaho
Sat 11/22 - at Nevada
Fri 11/28 - vs. Fresno State - ESPN2


For those hoping for a much tougher schedule, sorry...we still have to play Idaho.

The Oregon game should be a good one, and if the Broncos can deal with the Ducks it should be smooth sailing with little speed bumps in October in Hattiesburg and in November in Reno and with the Bulldogs at home.

Eat this, Flutie!

Boise State's miraculous Fiesta Bowl finish just finished off two of the reigning sports highlights in history: The Stanford-Cal "band" game and the Doug Flutie "Hail Mary". So, put that in your pipe and smoke it, Doug! However, please refrain from smoking anything before you call another Boise State game in the future.

If you'd like to vote for BSU as the numero uno highlight of all-time...best head here before Sunday.

I gotta admit, though — it feels wrong to vote against the USA handing it to the Commies. Go with your heart.


I have a blog?!

I made a startling revelation when I was browsing on my computer today. I have a blog! Or had one, anyway. I apologize for the woeful state of this blog for the last few months. I was in a period of great mourning after the UH game and couldn't bring myself to try to spin the loss...then the heartbreaking Hawaii bowl had me crying in my soup and I again put off blogging...then a bunch of nothing happened...players committed to BSU and decommitted, but now LOI day has come and gone and it looks like BSU got a pretty good crop. No QB...but that's OK.

Here's a nice link that the Statesman put together of individual player highlight vids. Take note of Boise State recruit Byron Hout...who looks like he is going to kill someone in his vid. I cannot tell you how excited I am to see this kid on the blue.

Here it is.

Got a new camera for Christmas, so I will post some stadium construction pics and some Spring ball vids here in the not so distant future.