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In related news...there is a massive shortage of baby oil on the Palouse.

Now back to my regularly scheduled...HA HA HA HA HA ha ha ha ha...heh heh...ahhh!

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**Mad Props to VABronco for somehow unearthing this most homo-erotic of Vandal images.


Ways to improve Bronco Stadium atmosphere

Over the next few weeks, I'll be discussing ways to improve the overall gameday atmosphere at Bronco Stadium. The Broncos don't lose often on the blue, and that is partially because of the huge homefield advantage gained by playing at Lyle Smith field...but there are certainly things we could all do to make that advantage even greater.

Suggestion 1 — Improve clapping output

Most of us loyal Bronco fans like to clap and make noise when our team does well or when we are on Defense...but I would say that the majority are only maybe clapping 1 to 2 times per second. Kent "Toast" French can clap 721 times per minute! Can you imagine if Bronco Stadium could collectively improve our clapping potential by 6x! Can you imagine the mind games that opponents would face as Bronco Stadium put up castanet-like clapping exhibitions during their offensive huddle? The Broncos would be unstoppable!

I propose a concerted fundraising effort to get Kent French to come to the Boise and give a clapping seminar so that average Bronco fans can triple or even quadruple their clapping output. Remember the 3 keys to football success are 1. Coaching 2. Player talent and 3. Clapping. Mr. French, we need you desperately.


Carr to put on some mileage

Ex-Bronco standout Chris Carr has signed an offer sheet from the Tenessee Titans...I will be feverishly working around the clock to determine just what that means.

Carr joined the Oakland Raiders in 2005 as an undrafted free agent and since has become the Raiders all-time kick return leader for attempts and yardage. Carr, who looked very good in black and silver, will most likely look less-so in powder blue...but we wish him luck nonetheless.

Story HERE.

'Gratest' website ever?

I believe that I may have unearthed possibly the greatest website ever...and it is titled: Ryan Dinwiddie Gratest(sic) Bronco Ever. Everything about this website is amazing. From the pea-green color scheme to the spelling and statistical errors, this site has everything.

The page's main header graphic, which reads: "Ryan Dinwiddie, an NFL quarterback" calls into question whether the website author was wildly speculative or just simply confused the CFL and the NFL.

Once the site patron clicks on the "About" tab, they are greeted with not only a rundown of Dinwiddie's positives and negatives as a next level QB, but also his injury and DUI statistics. And as you peruse this valuable Ryan Dinwiddie info, you are treated to this rare photo of Dinwiddie (when he was a black, partial amputee linebacker that played for Texas). WOW! The "About" page then offers the following analysis:

Smart, productive collegiate cornerback with marginal skills for the next level.

The hits just keep coming!

If you want more important Ryan Dinwiddie info, be sure to check out the "Report" page which highlights one of Dinwiddie's ultimate downfalls:

He has a good delivery, but will drop his arm to a ¾ angle at times.

If only Dinwiddie could've sorted out that 3/4 angle thing...he'd probably be a Pro-Bowler by now.

Be sure to browse the links page for free life insurance quotes and to visit the Wide "Word" of Sports. Thanks!

Ahh, screw it...check out the "Gratest" website for yourself HERE


We're proud to have you, Jack!

If you read this article about the latest Bronco commit, Jack Sula, and aren't excited to have this kid coming to the blue...well then you, sir have no heart.

We're awfully proud to have you Jack, you and your family are part of Bronco Nation now.

ESPN article


For those about to suck...we salute you!

Vandals opened Spring Camp on Monday and rumor has it that Robb Akey saw his shadow signifying at least one more season of terrible football. Chin up Vandals, you can't do that much worse than 1-11.

In recognition of this grand event, here is a stirring tribute video:

So impressed was Akey with Monday's first practice...he temporarily forgot that he was actually coaching the Vandals:

Second-year Idaho coach Robb Akey addressed his team following the first day of spring camp Tuesday, reminding them to wear attire that is "Cougar-issued." The former Washington State defensive coordinator's faux pas brought good-natured groans from his team and a hung head from Akey himself.

Akey's comment was followed by a brief "wa-waaaa" played on a nearby tuba.

Ya gotta have heart.

Boise State has made a name for itself in its somewhat brief history where undersized, unrecognized players and walkons come and become major contributors if not stars.Look at the amazing career of Mountain Home product Ia Falo, who came to Boise State as a 5'7" 143 lb. walkon cornerback and became an explosive and important roleplayer on special teams. ESPN even featured Falo in an article (the Special Teams Demon). The list of smallish, unrecruited talent that Boise State has cultivated over the years could probably fill the pages of a book...remember Jadon Dailey? Andrew Woodruff? Tim Gilligan? What about Brock Forsey, Colt Brooks or Vinny Peretta? Boise State not only seems to find these guys and develop them, but I believe needs them. These players personify the blue-collar work ethic of "the little team that could" and have been so key to our success and so vital in leadership roles that I believe that Boise State should continue to forsake the star ratings and really go after these high character guys with "heart to spare" year after year.

Who will be the next Ia Falo? Maybe Andy Silsby, a local walk-on running back who won't sniff the starting gig, but has shown himself to be a very capable and versatile special teams man. Maybe it's Ricky Cookman, a highly touted wide receiver that just didn't pull down the offers most thought he would...he could be the next TJ Acree or Tim Gilligan. Maybe it will be Stephen Gabbard, another star HS running back that will probably be buried on the RB depth chart, but could be a big time player in another role.

Whoever it is, Bronco Nation will be watching and rooting. These guys are what make our Broncos the pride of the state and the darlings of the mid-majors. So, if you are a lightly recruited player who has the heart of a champion and the desire to help the team in any capacity...you may just belong on the blue.


What a Wonderlic world.

Boise State's own gentle giant Ryan Clady apparently didn't fare too well on the recent NFL draft Wonderlic test. While being adept at solving story problems doesn't necessarily impact ones ability to pick up a pass rush, Clady could've done better. But, hey we still love the big guy. Think you can do better?! Take this mock Wonderlic test from ESPN and see how you fare. And remember, Clady had to do this under much more duress than you will be sitting there in your fancy office so LAY OFF!


Brains > brawn.

If you follow internet chatter...especially of the Bronco variety, you've no doubt heard of the miraculous spring scrimmage of Kellen Moore. No, Moore didn't turn water into Gatorade or heal a leper (although could've performed the Heimlich maneuver on a few other Bronco QBs who 'choked') and hey, it was only the FIRST scrimmage of the spring, but many Bronco fans are calling Moore's 10-14 2 TD day a miracle. The miracle lies in the fact that Moore, who is a redshirt freshman, looked to have a better grasp of the Bronco playbook than a sophomore, junior and 5th-year senior.

Moore, a record-setting high school quarterback out of Prosser, Washington is only 6'1" and 180 lbs, but he's a coaches son and voraciously studies film...has since his high school days and probably before that LINK.

Moore has already drawn comparisons to Ryan Dinwiddie ('cept he's a lefty) and I see a little Colt Brennan in him with his quick defensive reads and nickel and dime'n opponents before going deep. The bottom line is this: Kellen Moore has as good a chance (if not better )at the starting job as anyone on the roster and Bronco fans are positively giddy at the prospect of a 4 year starter with all the offensive talent we'll retain.

I know a week or so ago I was giving the inside track to Michael Coughlin, but I sincerely think that with Moore's work ethic and knowledge of the game, coaches may see a small enough "freshman downside" in him that they may just give him the reins.

Granted, Moore needs to continue to impress through Spring ball and into Summer, but with 5 solid running-backs and a slew of fast and talented wide receivers...I think that Moore could reasonably get the starting nod without expectations of "carrying the offense" and in ensuing sophomore, junior and senior campaigns be a true B.M.O.C.

Moore may not have the height of Lomax or Coughlin or the speed and arm-strength of Hamdan, but he has football smarts and a tireless work-ethic and that, I think, may be exactly what Boise State needs again. And do you really think OUR freshman could do any worse than Nathan Enderle?



If you were lucky enough to brave the raging Boise winds and catch the first spring scrimmage this afternoon...you were treated to a blistering display of offensive and defensive fireworks, and some of the best 15-yard punts you've ever seen.

All jokes aside, the first spring scrimmage is in the books and it looked like...well...the first spring scrimmage. A lot of guys sitting out, among them: Jarrell Root, Billy Winn, Jeremy Avery, Mike T. Williams, Kyle Wilson etc.

A lot of bad snaps, dropped passes and general miscues...but we expect that in the first spring scrimmage. Bush Hamdan and Kellen Moore seem like VERY early frontrunners for the QB job. I liked Moore's decisions and mobility and Bush made some nice throws and improvised well. Saw the first glimpse of a Ian Johnson/Doug Martin kick-return tandem and I liked what I saw...they will house a few this season.

Didn't get to see as much of Doug Martin's angry running as I would've liked, but all the backs looked capable and even Jarvis Hodge impressed on one long run.

Absolutely stacked at RB: Ian Johnson rushed four times for 70 yards, Jarvis Hodge three times for 57 yards, Doug Martin 10 times for 59 yards and sophomore D.J. Harper nine times for 40 yards. Yikes. Nice job O-line or "get well soon" D-line.

A pretty good crowd on-hand for a windy day with the NCAA tourney going on. A lot of excitement about the new-look Broncos.

I have decided to drop the scrimmage vids as I don't want to run afoul of the practice gestapo. I don't think my grainy vids are going to step on anyones toe with "actual" media credentials...but I also don't want to risk "ruining" it for anyone who consider practice video and reports to be the only real thing to get excited about until August 30th. Hence, here is a link to some "real" scrimmage video minus the pithy comments. Enjoy.

A good recap from the Statesman: Moore shines.

You think you're better than me?!

Today is a big day for Bronco Nation Boise is positively buzzing as for the first time in 14 years, the Bronco basketball team will not be able to attend the spring football scrimmage. Poor saps.

If you consider yourself a rabid Bronco fan...you will excitedly rush to Bronco Stadium at 3:30 today to watch a glorified practice. You better believe I will be there as I want to see the development of redshirts Kellen Moore, angry Doug Martin and to check out Jarrell Root's kneebrace. We also will have an opportunity to try to figure out which streetclothes-clad kids roaming the sidelines may be potential recruits. It will also mark the first opportunity I will have to take my 8-month old son down on the blue turf that he's been itching to touch ever since he left the womb.

Rumor has it that 8th-year senior Bush Hamdan will be getting the first reps with the first-team offense...but this may be more of a gesture towards the most-senior QB than a nod to who will be inheriting the offense this fall. Coach Bryan Harsin conspicuously left out Nick Lomax's name when praising the development of the QBs this spring; from the Statesman:

Harsin said he has been impressed with the springs of Coughlin and Moore, who are still learning the offense.

“Those guys have come in there and done a nice job of being prepared and playing well,” Harsin said. “ … They’ve accelerated their learning just by their preparation in the offseason.”

I could be reading to far into this...but it's the offseason and we need SOMETHING to analyze besides the falling value of the U.S. dollar.

Guys I would like to check out (not in that way) this afternoon are: Doug Martin, George Iloka, JP Nisby, Billy Winn, Kellen Moore, Dominique Vinson, and possibly Ricky Cookman and Kyle Efaw. Show us somethin' boys!

I will be surreptitiously taking my digital camera into the scrimmage to bring you blogsters some images and video from tonight's festivities, so check me out this evening for some "exclusive" content.


Happy Birthday, Lyle!

The father of Bronco Nation and patron saint of "the blue", Lyle H. Smith celebrated his 92nd birthday on Monday and the best way I could think to honor him is by displaying this amazing picture of the coach rallying the Broncos during the '48/'49 football season. Click the above pic to see it in a higher resolution state. Be warned, however, this photo is so amazingly awesome that it may cause your face to melt like a Nazi viewing the Ark of the Covenant.

Happy Birthday, Lyle! May you have many more glorious years of watching the beautiful thing you have created: Bronco football

Sula headed to Boise State

Not to be confused with Mr. Sulu, Don Shula, or Indiana Jones' trusted ally Sala...LB/RB Jack Sula is headed to Boise State. Apparently, a late qualifier, Sula will hopefully live up to the hype provided by his un-biased high school coach:

"It's a good fit for Jack, and it's a steal for Boise," Carson coach Mike Christensen said. "I told Coach (Chris) Petersen that Jack was the best all-around player I've coached, just his attitude, his ability. He should do very well. I told him that it would not surprise me if Jack leads them back to the Fiesta Bowl or a BCS game."

Can't say I'm bummed to hear of one more linebacker in the mix. You can check out the story here if you would like to read more and don't get annoyed by an excessive amount of flash banners.

Here's what ESPN had to say about Sula...who had offers from Washington and Nevada amongst others:
Sula is a well-rounded running back prospect who does not possess elite skill in one area, but can move the chains with the ball in his hands. Possesses adequate height with an athletically-built frame that should continue to fill out with lean bulk. Best asset as a running back prospect may be his soft hands and receiving skills out of the backfield. Plucks the ball well in stride, transitions quickly upfield and extends well away from his frame for the difficult grab. Could develop into a fine 3rd down back despite his lack of great speed and elusiveness. As a runner, he hits the hole quickly and can break through the initial wave of arm tackles when he decides to square up his shoulder pads and run downhill. Not real explosive or sudden when he finds a crease but is a smooth, natural runner who glides a bit with his nice stride. While he occasionally flashes good leg drive, balance, lean and the ability to break tackles as an in-line runner, his power is inconsistent. At times he will run east-west instead of hitting it up hard inside. Light through his hips and lower-body limiting yards after contact. Movement skills and lateral quickness are marginal in the open field and he lacks a second gear and top-end speed. Shows some ability at linebacker and could develop there if his current speed does not transition well on offense. Would need to add good size and play with more physicality if he makes the move. Sula possesses good versatility as a prospect and his best days could be a head of him as a prospect.

Intriguing development, no?


Every time Boise State wins, an angel gets his wings.

Broncocountry's Forseyfan11 made the following vid...a few reasons to get pumped for the '08 season. The scary part?! We have these guys and Austin Pettis back AND add rageaholic Doug Martin to the backfield. WAC defenses and incontinent Vandal coaches just collectively wet themselves.


Root lives to fight another day

Whatever doesn't completely destroy Jarell Root's knee makes him stronger. Hopefully this is the adage that applies to the Capitol High product Bronco fans are excited to see. Root will miss the remainder of Spring ball with a knee injury, but hopefully will be back at full strength by Fall.

In other news, DT JP Nisby has impressed teammates and coaches alike with his strength...but his inability to play more than three or four downs has the coaches perplexed. Get thee to a Socha, young man!

Statesman linkage

RIP, Buddy Hackett (2006-2008)

As this is generally a football-only board...I have decided to break with tradition and announce my condolences to the Vandal faithful on their sad, sad loss.

Statesman link

Beware the 'Q'

It appears that "Pete's Poison" is going to get a dash of "Ault's Arsenic" as the Broncos have been flirting with Nevada's stupidly named Pistol offense this spring. The Broncos have decided to call it something much cooler...ready, James Bond fans? Behold: the Q! The "pistol" which Ault didn't invent, is really just a modified shotgun offense, so BSU has decided to show Nevada how it can be effective on a weekly basis. Ok, ok...so Nevada's offense went OFF on Boise State last year, but it wasn't because of their silly pistol—it is because Boise State's linebackers just weren't quite ready for a 6'6", 150 lb. quarterback who knew how to run a bootleg. Boise State won that game (the only game in 5 years not to be decided by about 30 points) and now has said "yoink" and comically snatched some of Nevada's bread and butter. Having wild success last year with triple reverses and Tanyon Bissell-behind-center formations...I can't wait to see the Broncos throw one more thing into their already ridiculously large playbook. Coach Pete was modest when talking about the new looks in the offense:

“I don’t think I’ve ever had an original idea,” Petersen said. “Everything we do has been taken from somebody. We make no bones about it. … That’s how we do things. We take things that we like and we try to marry them into our offense.”

Statesman link


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Celebrating the day that St. Patrick drove the snakes from Ireland and St. Zabransky drove Mike Sanford from the depth chart. Happy St. Patrick's day to Bronco Nation..and please drink responsibly.

Sorry, Bart

I'm one link down today as I just went to the venerable Bart Hendricks' blog only to discover that it has become something...well...different. No longer is it chock-full of interesting Bart Hendricks-ness but has turned into a poor man's AgencySpy or something. I'm really not sure what it is, or what Bart's role is on the page. One thing is for sure...it isn't about Bronco football, Bart Hendricks, or a combination of the two. I'm sorry to say that I will no longer be offering a link to Bart Hendricks' blog from this site. I hope that Bart will not lose too much sleep over this. Does Zabransky have a blog?

Angrier and angrier

By the time the season rolls around, the rage inside of Doug Martin will finally explode out of him causing him to leave a perfect Doug Martin-shaped hole in an unsuspecting Idaho State linebacker. I mean, look at the above photo from spring ball...Martin looks like he is about to tear off his jersey screaming "DOUG...MAAAD". Even his helmet is attempting to flee his head as his anger reaches critical mass. If we're seeing this level of intensity from Martin when his opponents are some tackling dummies and pads...I feel confident that he will kill someone before the season is through. Read the below comments from his teammates and you will see why I am so jacked to see Martin strap it up this fall.

"If you guys haven't heard of Doug Martin yet, you will definitely hear a lot about him," junior tailback Ian Johnson said. "That guy came in here with more muscles all over his body than I've ever seen in my life. As a freshman, you're not supposed to be that big. He weighs 30 pounds more than I was when I first got here and he's as fast as I am now. That's just a physical specimen, and he's going to do a lot of good things for us next year."

"That guy's ridiculous," junior middle linebacker Kyle Gingg said.

"Hands down, he was the best running back we faced," junior weak-side linebacker Dallas Dobbs said.

"That dude is a beast," senior safety Austin Smith said.

"The guy who just killed us all year was Doug," defensive line coach Pete Kwiatkowski said.

"He has a running style you could describe as being an angry runner. My job over the next four years will be to not screw him up," running backs coach Jeff Choate said.

Just try to keep the 4-headed Bronco runningback monster from getting 300 yards per game next year...I dare ya.


Ian Johnson getting faster...er...fatter.

This from the Pulitzer-prize winning Chadd Cripe of the Idaho Statesman. Seems Ian is sick and tired of getting his freak spleen and gall bladder injuries and has decided to pack on some weight this year. Good luck, Ian...wasn't that the plan last year, too?

Last time I tried to pack on weight it went great, until I started doing cardio. Last I checked — football still requires a certain degree of that.



Didn't we just do this?

For the second off-season in a row, the Boise State coaches have the unenviable task of sifting through BSU's bevy of quarterbacks to see which one is best suited to captain the ship. None of the 4 men vying for the job have a single start under their belt and only 3 of them have even seen any action at all. Senior Bush Hamdan was the odds-on favorite to take the reins last year, but after missing scrimmage time with injury and other unknown factors was passed over for then-senior Taylor Tharp. Tharp was a solid performer for Boise State last year and no one really second guessed the coaches' decision, however, inexplicably—it seemed that Hamdan fell all the way to the bottom of the depth chart. Michael Coughlin and Nick Lomax were given playing time when Hamdan was not. No one really knows what lead to this seismic shift of the depth chart, but it has cast a haze over this year's QB race and no one really knows what will happen.

Most Boise State fans would prefer to have at least a 2-3 year starter at the helm so most would probably prefer an underclassmen under center — unless the senior, Hamdan is just that much better this offseason as we suspect Tharp must have been last year. Sophomore Coughlin and Junior Lomax possess prototypical Division-1 size (something quite uncharacteristic for a Bronco QB) and Coughlin appears to have the ability to run a bit as well (albeit not nearly as well as Zabransky). Hamdan probably looked the best of the three in passing situations last year in his limited playing time, and I like Hamdan's leadership and intensity...but if I was to be honest, I also think that the Broncos should look to the future and go with a
younger guy.

Kellen Moore is the darkhorse (inadvertent Bronco pun...chaching!). Moore looked very sharp in camp last year and is one of the higher rated recruits that has come to the blue. He set all kinds of high school records in Washington and has a quick read and quick release. He probably needs one more year in the system before he really has it down...but don't underestimate this kid—he is a student of the game and could inject himself into the race this year.

Bottom line is that the Bronco coaches will pick the best guy—if it's Hamdan, so be it. Personally, I would like to see Miramesa's finest, Michael Coughlin step into the spot this year and then see if Moore can overtake him once he grasps the full Bronco playbook. Coughlin has a cannon (and a pretty nice little mustache on occasion) and if he can improve his reads and his decision making...will be a very nice field general for the mighty Broncos.


The legend continues...

Ad agencies have found blue gold with BSU's unlikely Fiesta Bowl win...check out this new Air Jordan spot. Pretty cool.

Seems some people are having trouble seeing the embedded file below, so here is a link to the spot.

Screw it...I'm sick of this nike link dragging my webpage down—here is the commercial via youtube.