Broncos in the draft

In the wake of the epic Fiesta Bowl win, BSU sent a record 6 players to the NFL combine...those players were: QB Jared Zabransky, TE Derek Schouman, WR Drisan James, S Gerald Alexander, WR Jerard Rabb and WR Legadu Naanee. Noticeably absent from the combine was all-everything linebacker and WAC defensive player-of-the-year Korey Hall. Hall did work out for scouts at the Caven-WIlliams sports complex during BSU's pro day and was joined by other notable seniors Colt Brooks, Brad Lau and others. Ideally, BSU would have all of these guys drafted—all combine invitees performed very well and all led their group in at least one test...however, I realistically see 3 or possibly 4 getting drafted, with others settling for Free Agent contracts. The most "draftable" Broncos are probably Alexander, Zabransky, Schouman (who is being projected as a possible fullback) and Naanee. I truly believe that these guys are going to get a shot and have an even stronger belief that the others will land free agent contracts and work their ways onto rosters.

Zabransky is the most intriguing draftee of the bunch. Considered a draft longshot a few months back...he now has several teams interested in his services and may be taken relatively early (4-6th round). Z's appearance as the cover boy of NCAA 08 has surely helped his notoriety, but showing his athleticism and speed at the combine has no doubt turned some heads as well. Zabransky had one of the top shuttle times at the combine out of EVERY position, ran among the fastest 40s and was very accurate with his throws. I believe that Z will be a steal if he is drafted because of his intelligence (top 10 Wonderlic score), escapability and "S" cape ability (remember the 85 yard scamper against Hawaii in '04)

It will be an interesting draft day and by the end, will probably have the most Broncos taken ever. These guys know how to win and are hard-workers...every one of them could make a GM very happy. Good luck to all outgoing seniors...make us proud in the NFL!


In My Hood said...

Good article droo31....disagree on Z, but I hope I am wrong.

JT Ray said...

Isn't it interesting that only 9% of non drafted invites make the final cut of an NFL team. To break it down , only 1 guy from our group of BSU undrafted FA will make a team, who will that be?

Drew said...

in my hood was right on Z...ah well...I think he has a better shot as a FA anyway. Houston should be a good fit.

Drew said...

I think that Lau has a good shot of making a roster since St. Louis utilizes the FB position more. I also think that James or Rabb have a shot and Z obviously has a good chance with Houston's QB roster.

Actually think that BSU will have more than 1 guy make a squad as a free agent...9% be damned!

In My Hood said...

I see Mike Dominguez being the only guy...okay, maybe Z on the practice squad but hopefully Korey Hall makes it as well Naanee.