2008 Football schedule announced.

Sat 8/30 - vs. Idaho State
Sat 9/6 - BYE
Sat 9/13 - vs. Bowling Green
Sat 9/20 - at Oregon
Wed 10/1 - vs. Louisiana Tech - ESPN
Sat 10/11 - at Southern Miss
Fri 10/17 - vs. Hawai'i - ESPN
Fri 10/24 – at San Jose State – ESPN2
Sat 11/1 - at New Mexico State
Sat 11/8 - vs. Utah State
Sat 11/15 - at Idaho
Sat 11/22 - at Nevada
Fri 11/28 - vs. Fresno State - ESPN2


For those hoping for a much tougher schedule, sorry...we still have to play Idaho.

The Oregon game should be a good one, and if the Broncos can deal with the Ducks it should be smooth sailing with little speed bumps in October in Hattiesburg and in November in Reno and with the Bulldogs at home.


Chance said...

Count me in for the MSU game. I will make it back to Boise for another.


Drew said...

Glad you enjoyed Boise and Bronco Stadium, but what game are you coming down for? MSU?

Statueleft said...

must be NMSU.....

good thing the mighty Broncs have an extra week to recover after facing the Bengals of ID ST.

Drew said...

Nah...NMSU is in Las Cruces this year. Either way, we're happy that Houston's biggest Boise State fan is coming back "home" to the Blue. By the way, Chance...you're going to be impressed with the current stadium expansion..it is very nice.

Anonymous said...

So how many BCS teams turned down offers to play this season? Five? Six? Seven?

How many BCS teams ran aw...uh, turned down offers to play from Hawaii, Utah, BYU, and other "mid-majors" in favour of I-AA teams?

It's an annual game of catch-22 (the BCS teams who run away):
"You shouldn't be ranked because you don't play BCS teams!"
"We shouldn't have to play you because you're not ranked!"

Same cowardice, different year.