Clady snubbed. Weak.

You wouldn't like Clady when he's angry.

Joining the long list of snubs Boise State fans have come to expect this year is one of a different variety. Boise State alum Ryan Clady, who would be prepping to shut down TCU's Jerry Hughes right now if he hadn't left early for the NFL was snubbed by the Pro Bowl selection committee today. This will not stand. I mean come on, NFL...Clady has been getting Rookie of the Year type buzz as he's shut down wave after wave of franchise defensive ends this season and has given up but half a sack this year as well. Last week alone, against the Carolina Panthers, he "schooled" Julius Peppers (their words, not mine) and every writer on NFL.com placed Clady on their Pro Bowl ballot. Sadly, the writers at NFL.com do not actually cast ballots...but you get the point. Clady was robbed, and all of you Pro Bowl voters just awoke a sleeping giant.

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