Moving day...

Not even changing timezones.

300 seemed like such a good number to end things on. In the last couple of weeks Mr. Bleymeier went to Washington, Z headed to Canada, Kyle Wilson broke stopwatches at BSU pro day—all these events were worthy of articles, but alas, none were posted. Why? Well, my run on FFBSU has come to an end and it seemed odd to push the 300 boundary too far. Fight, Fight, BSU started in between the magical 2006 season and the so-so 2007 season as a way for me to appease the offseason demons that demanded more Bronco coverage. Along the way, it became a nice little blog with weekly features and flashy header graphics. Heck, I even broke a few stories over here and got some advertisers...not bad for a freebie blogspot blog, really. All told, FFBSU has had close to 70,000 visitors since its inception...I'm busting with pride!

Ok, so technically this is post number 301 and I will be RSS feeding new posts to this blog until people get the memo that I've changed addresses. Oh, I didn't tell you where I'm heading too yet, did I? Well, that unstoppable juggernaut OBNUG is back—and guess who's been added to the roster? No, not David Augusto...it's me! Kevan from OBNUG gave me an offer I couldn't refuse (his henchmen are VERY persuasive) and I'll be taking my headline puns and Vandal jokes over to OBNUG full-time. A bittersweet decision to be sure as I have enjoyed being the Notre Dame of the blog-o-sphere and remaining independent, but OBNUG (now a part of the SB Nation community) will allow the forces of good to come together to blog the crap out of Bronco football. Everyone can get behind that, right?

So, in summary: thanks to all the Bronco fans that have made this blog a success. Don't cry for FFBSU, I'll just be over here...and I'm taking Kellen Moore facts, Know your Enemy and my other features with me. Think about it...what is more of a strain—typing in 'fightfightbsu.blogspot.com' or typing in 'obnug.com'? I'm saving Bronco Nation from the pain and embarrassment of carpal-tunnel syndrome. I'll see you over there later today as I make my first official OBNUG post. OBNUG will be happy with 78% renewal of our readers.


dirtymule said...

Hey man nice run! Out of all the bronco bloggers out their you are the best. I am just glad you will still be around even if it is on OBNUG, just don't let them change your writing style,K. Mike

Anonymous said...

Jeron Johnson and all! don't forget to look over your shoulder Sept 3rd! You filthy dirty sorry excuse for sportsmen! Try another 4 or 5 late hits.... you still won't stand a chance! GO DUCKS!

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