In this age of corporate sponsorships, we've been graced with the presence of many strange bedfellows in sports event/venure partnerships. Who could forget such great pairings as Minute Maid park, Enron field and the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl? Well, here's another gem to add to the pile.

Boise, Idaho's Humanitarian Bowl (also known as the crucial.com Humanitarian bowl, and the MPC Computers Bowl) has just unveiled their new sponsor...drumroll...Roady's Truck Stops!

Is it just me or do the words "Truck Stops" just smack of class and dignity? I'm sure that Roady's (never heard of it) is a reputable and nice establishment...their website boasts truck stops in nearly every state in the union; but come on—the Roady's Truck Stops Humanitarian Bowl? At least their logo is blue to go with the blue Boise Turf. Get ready for a deluge of jokes and jabs because of this announcement.

Meanwhile, I am looking forward to watching the Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl, The Brut Sun Bowl, the Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl, and everyone's favorite: the Papajohns.com bowl.


theschramfam said...

Oh no they dih-unt!! Yeah, I was like, "does bsu needs another reason for people joke about what bs stands for?" - Seriously, it's bad enough to invite your family to the Taco Bell Arena for your graduation! Whatever happened to people sponsoring things because it was good and right and not expecting to have their names emblazoned in gold on everything?? Holy Crap! How embarassing for BSU. The Truck Stop Bowl? This is makes being an Idahoan almost as embarrasing as having Sali represent us in DC!

In My Hood said...

embarassing for sure...just put something together myself on the misery monster called the Roady's Hum Bowl....