Z hits Houston

Boise State's often maligned, but never duplicated Jared Zabransky has hit Houston after signing a free agent deal with the Houston Texans. As the Texans have jettisoned former WAC QB David Carr and picked up Atlanta's number 2 man Matt Schaub...Houston's QB situation is pretty hazy. I personally like Z's chances of getting a roster spot and the lackluster Houston O-line is one reason. Houston needs a quarterback who can move and improvise...hmmm, who fits that description? Z has been humble in swallowing the bitter "not-getting-drafted" pill and has vowed to work his tail off to make an impact for a franchise. Since Z has Schaub, Quinton Porter, Sage Rosenfels and Bradlee Van Pelt ahead of him, technically on the depth chart...I think that Z's combination of speed, escapability and well, speed can vault him up this not-terribly-daunting chart. I don't look for Z to start this season by any stretch—but if he can continue to improve his consistency and work on his decision making...I think that Z will get his opportunity down the road and be a productive NFLer.

Here is a link to a few videos about the start of Texans' OTAs, look for the Zabransky interview on the Houston Texans' website.

Here is an article about QB quandaries mentioning Zabransky (who is sporting number 15 now, by the way).

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