What can brown do for you?

While the Wyoming game wasn't exactly a dazzling display of offensive firepower—it was a solid win against a good Wyoming squad. The Cowboys', though sporting some of the ugliest jerseys in 1-A, where a decent team with good speed and a good D. I would say that the offensive miscues by the Broncos where cut down, but still present. Tharp still looks pretty good in the pocket, but seems completely oblivious to blitzing LBs coming around the end. I'm not saying that a Bronco QB should never take a sack, but most of the sacks I've seen Tharp take look like he had absolutely no idea the guy was bearing down on him...this can lead to fumbles. Credit the offense for stepping up when they needed to. I think that the 2007 O-line, though largely comprised of the same guys, hasn't really got their swagger back...they aren't opening real large holes for our backs to run through and this, in part, is why Ian is off to a relatively slow start.

Our Defense played amazing against the Cowpokes. They looked fired up, aggressive (maybe a little too aggressive at times, Scandrick) and really fast. Kyle Wilson played an amazing game, he had a pick, a couple of pass breakups and some nice open field tackles. Scandrick looked good at the other corner, but I've gotta say that he seems to get to the ball a bit too early or a bit too late, but at least he's always in the vicinity. Our linebacker play looked good, but still don't know who is really back there as we seem to have injuries and swap guys out a lot. I don't see a backer emerging with the kind of production of a Korey Hall for another year or two. Marty Tadman played a good game as well, at one point knocking away a pass that seemed destined to find a seemingly wide open Cowboy receiver.

On special teams we still seem to have a few issues to work out on kick coverage. Our guys still haven't allowed a kick-return TD, but sometimes seem like they don't wrap up and let a guy who looked like he would be down at the 25 get to the 35 or 40. On punt returns—we simply need someone else back there. I am a huge Tadman fan and love his safety play, but I think that the "sure hands" return man needs to be replaced with an explosive one. Hopefully, this next Thursday Kyle Wilson will be returning punts, broken hand and all. BTW, if you missed Michael Lose's amazing hit on special teams in the 4th quarter...you gotta check this out; it was one of those "wow" moments where it looked like Lose was the bull and the poor Cowboy return man was the slow matador.

This weekend is off, but the Southern Miss eagles are coming into town for an ESPN-televised Thursday night game. I think that our defense gives us a good shot to win this game as they are playing phenomenal ball right now. The offense is going to have to get in sync a bit more as I think that a Boise State win will be contingent on us getting some points on the board.

Remember, the Southern Miss game is another "blue and orange-out" so all odd numbered sections will wear orange and the even numbered sections will wear blue. Looked pretty cool at the Fresno State game last year. Make sure you bring the noise on Thursday too...even if you don't...I'm sure the Bronco booth guys will "pipe" something in. Just kidding on that one, really, Wyoming's coach needs to worry less about hoof sounds and more about his lame no-huddle offense.

Congrats to Rashaun Scott, who was the WAC special teams player of the week due, in part, to his 52 yard kick return against the Pokes. He's gonna take one to the house this year (without a flag, that is)

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