You win some...

you lose some. Got back last night and thoroughly enjoyed myself in Seattle. Bronco Nation was out in force and saw blue and orange EVERYWHERE I went. I swear there were twice as many Broncos in town as there were Cougars. Anyway, we had a great time...enjoyed a beautiful day for football in a beautiful stadium The Husky fans were polite and cordial and the game was sloppy, but not embarassing. Still not sure why our offense struggled so much, but the 4 turnovers might have been a factor? When I saw the box score and read that Tharp had attempted 47 passes, I thought to myself: "that is not Bronco football". Tharp looked fairly poised throughout the game and I thought he had pretty good protection from the O-line, but Tharp just simply is not a gunslinger and lacks some of the zip on his throws to really bring a consistent deep threat. Some of the penalties were bad, most were earned by the Broncos. We shot ourselves in the foot on numerous occasions and usually in extremely inopportune times.

IJ wasn't stellar, but I thought we abandoned the run too early and too often...it seemed like we would get 5 yards on first down with IJ, then try to do a fancy screen pass that would get stuffed and lose 1-2 yards and then kept facing 3rd and longs. This, no doubt increased the number of passes, but we should've been setting up 3rd and shorts with the run. Obviously, the fact that we outgained UW in yardage and first downs showed that this is a game we COULD have won, but with the mistakes by the Broncos...we SHOULD not have won.

I thought our D stepped up and really only allowed one real "drive" (the first one) and the other points came on a short field (after the fumble)...although J-Rob AGAIN left his guy wide open...and the other TD came on a missed tackle (although really the two Bronco defenders ran into each other)

I thought that Locker looked OK, but BSU shut him down fairly well after the first series. The kid is dangerous with his feet and got a couple good gains on the ground, but BSU handled his passing pretty well.

The stadium was LOUD and was definitely a tough place for opponents to play. Broncos still have the monkey on our backs...but I believe that we keep it there with mistake-ridden games when we go on the road (something that I mistakenly thought was in our past). I tell you what though, the "new" streak starts today and I see no reason that this loss can't motivate this young team to achieve great things again...namely another WAC title...a 12-1 record and another top 25 finish.

I f'in HATE losing...but I hope our team hates it even more and gets to work to stomp the Cowboys.

PS Our Frosh punter needs to do a little extra work this week as his shanks were and will be a BIG liability.

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