Are you ready for some volleyball?

Big Hank and Bocephus want you to attend.

The annual rite of Spring is upon us. No, I'm not talking about flowers blooming or daylight savings time...I'm talkin' about ex-Bronco football players spiking volleyballs at J Bates head (for charity). Bronco legend and comentarista del color Alex Guerrero alerted me to this Saturday's proceedings at Sawtooth Middle School in Meridian. This year's event, sponsored by the Boise Area Crime Stoppers will feature the aforementioned Guerrero as well as BSU Alums Korey Hall, Vinny Perretta and Jerard Rabb...and if we're to take cues from the event poster...the game may or may not include a volleyball the size of a small planet. If you ever found yourself wondering what sound it would make when an NFL-caliber athlete bounced an inflated ball off of Joe Hughes' mustache*...this is the event for you.

Event starts at 6. Be there or be a quadrilateral.

*Joe Hughes and his mustache may not be in attendance.


Anonymous said...

Not that we don't enjoy hearing about celebrity volleyball tournaments but I think we started spring ball recently. With all due respect it would be really nice to see some posts regarding the practices. PLEASE?

Drew said...

I'm with you, Anonymous. Show me where there is any news coming out of Spring Ball. The Statesman fizzled out with their coverage after TWO DAYS! Plus...the first two scrimmages are at 2 freakin' 30! If you have some leads...please share them, because so far there is precious little info coming out about Spring camp. I guess a post about Pro Day is forthcoming.