You don't see this crossover much...

Could you put topspin on the football?

Crossover athletes. They were made all the rage by Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders. There have been scores of athletes in the modern-era who were great at multiple sports...or great at one and had enough cache to at least attempt another...Michael Jordan? Oftentimes a soccer player will become a place-kicker, or a basketball player will become a wide-receiver—well how about this one: a tennis player becoming a football player? Did you immediately picture Pete Sampras returning punts? Didn't end well did it? Well, Boise State fans may just get a chance to see what would happen when a tennis player trades in his headband and sneakers for a facemask and cleats. Clancy Shields, nationally-ranked tennis player and brother of Luke, may just take a run at the blue next season.

According to the Montgomery Observer, Clancy thinks his athleticism, competitiveness, and unusual build (by tennis standards) may lend themselves well to the gridiron. After all, he'll have a year of eligibility left when he plays his final match for the Broncos.

"My brother who played tennis for Boise last year told me I should give football a shot," Shields said. "I mean when I work out in the gym I'm as big or bigger then some of our football players."
Shields later admitted he was talking about Brock Jaramillo.

Coach Greg Patton thinks that Clancy may have the right stuff as well:
"I love Clancy like a son," Patton said. "I'm a little biased because I'm a tennis coach, but I would love to see Clancy become a professional tennis player. But, I talk with our football coaches about Clancy possibly playing defensive back or running back. They like the idea."
They "like" the idea means that they'd love to have another practice squad tackling dummy that doesn't risk injury to any of the starting defensive backs or running backs. I mean, the idea is intriguing, but it's hard to imagine Clancy (love the name, by the way) pushing Kyle Wilson or Jeremy Avery for playing time. You have Bronco Nation's blessing though Clancy, you deserve a nice rest riding pine after an illustrious career on the courts.

Boise's Shields may catch football fever [Montgomery Observer]

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