Sunday, Bloody Sunday.

"Mumme needs bandages". That was what Marty Tadman proposed as the headline of today's Idaho Statesman...instead the geniuses at the Statesman went with "Mumme-fied". That headline makes it seem like Mumme was the victor...but regardless of what lame pun headlines ran today, the message was clear: The New Mexico State Aggies got absolutely destroyed last night on national TV and Hal Mumme was to blame.

Did Mumme provide particularly poor coaching? Not really. What Mumme did to bring this beatdown upon his hapless Aggies was done about 1 year ago exactly. After Boise State's 40-28 win over NMSU last year, Mumme declared loud and proud whereever he went that Boise State was not the best team in the WAC (despite beating every team in the WAC and compiling an undefeated record), then added another insult by being one of the WAC coaches to vote June Jones as coach of the year. Of course it probably didn't help that last year NMSU torched our secondary for over 500 yards leaving them frustrated and embarrassed...despite the win. It also didn't help the Aggies much that on top of all the bulletin board material and bad memories from last year...their starting QB, Chase Holbrook was not 100%. Regardless of the reasons, however, the Broncos put together one heck of a game last night, beating the Aggies 58-0 and holding the nation's 7th ranked offense to only 89 yards of offense (-19 yards rushing) while themselves dropping over 600 yards on the Aggies.

Taylor Tharp was 19 of 26 and threw 4 TDs, the first time a Bronco QB has tossed 4 TDs in a game since Ryan Dinwiddie in 2003. Tharp found Jeremy Childs for two scores, Titus Young for another long-bomb TD and a wide-open Ryan Putnam for his fourth. Childs finished the night with 3 TDs and over 100 yards receiving while Ian Johnson continued his all-purpose yardage crusade as he ran for 85 yards and a score and collected another 73 yards receiving. Despite making several high tosses, Tharp's WR's bailed him out time and again making leaping, and sometimes one-handed grabs.

To say the defense dominated the Aggies would be a slight understatement. The Broncos completely shut down Holbrook (who left after the first quarter) and his backup J.J. McDermott while recording 3 INTs (Tadman, Scandrick, and Wilson). The Aggie running game was absolutely non-existent as they ended the night with negative rushing numbers thanks to several TFLs and a few sacks. Joe Bozikovich planted Aggie QB Chase Holbrook on the turf on the same play that Marty Tadman annihilated an Aggie receiver along the sidelines setting the tempo for a hard-hitting and impressive defensive performance. The Broncos allowed the lowest yardage total by a D 1-A school ever.

The scariest thing about last night's game? The Broncos could've scored 70+ on the Aggies...a goal-line stand after a Kyle Wilson pick (helped by a poor Tharp decision on an option play) stopped one Bronco score and another 25 yard TD by Johnson was called back on a hold. Oh yeah, and the Broncos missed an extra point.

Now that the offense and defense seem to be humming...the Broncos may take to the rest of their WAC schedule like a buzzsaw. The Nevada Wolf_space_pack are heading into town next Sunday and haven't come within 30 points of the Broncos in the last 7 seasons. I would expect another big win this Sunday...unless, of course UNR's coach Chris Ault decides to run his mouth about the Broncos...then it may be another bloodbath.

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