Not going to do it.

Having my confidence in our strong defense shaken to the core...and being convinced that I somehow jinxed our team by last week's bold statements about the Nevada game—I have decided not to really voice my predictions about the outcome of this week's matchup against La Tech. Until I see with my own eyes that last Sunday's epicly crappy defensive performance was an anomaly...I am not prepared to make any declarations about what we "should" or "shouldn't" do this weekend in Ruston. How about I just regurgitate the info that anyone can find on ESPN or other analyst websites?

La Tech always seems to be a tough game for the Broncos in Ruston, LA...that is for sure. Since 2001 (when La Tech last beat the Broncos—in Ruston, no less), the average point spread in the BSU/La Tech game is 26 points more when the Broncos face La Tech at home than when they face them in Ruston. This alone should be cause for a little worry about this upcoming game. The bright side? Boise State's defense was embarassed on Sunday and will be eager to show that the UNR game was a fluke, couple that with the fact that Louisiana Tech's offense is not even close to as good as Nevada's and the worry subsides a bit. However, La Tech's defense, which was terrible last year—is much improved (also, recall that they took Hawaii to OT this year) and are not giving up much...so Boise State's offense needs to be on their game once again.

Here is the ESPN link for today's preview. Boise State should win this one...but the defense seriously needs to get back on track as Fresno awaits after this week and a we all know what a fired up Fresno team can do.

If the defense shows me something today. We'll be back to regularly scheduled posting.

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