Don't forget to bring a towel...

If you plan on tuning into the Boise State v. New Mexico State contest on Sunday night...you are in for a rare treat. Last year in Las Cruces, ESPN graced us with no less than 25 shots of New Mexico State's coach, Hal Mumme, wiping his nose on his towel, blowing his nose on his towel, and wiping his hands through his lustrous hair. All of those who felt a bit queasy after watching Mumme's display, felt even more queasy when the Broncos, after going up 21-0 in the first quarter, allowed the Aggies to make it a relatively close game behind 526 passing yards from NMSU's tooth-challenged QB, Chase Holbrook. 526!

WIth the memory of getting torched last year in Las Cruces (the Broncos did win that game, let's not forget), the Bronco secondary should come fired up and ready to play on Sunday. Bronco Nation definitely is motivated to give Hal Mumme the business after his disgusting display in NM and his outspoken assertions last year that BSU was not the best team in the WAC. Channeling the Chris Tormey days at Nevada, I would not be surprised to hear Bronco Stadium break out in a chorus of "MUUUUU-MEEEEE".

The Aggies team that was one of the nation's worst in 2005 has turned their program around fairly quickly and at least compete week in and week out. I think that Mumme's "Air Raid" offense has the right guy at the helm in Chase Holbrook and they have some speedy receivers that can make opponents pay. The bottom line is that Boise State should NOT lose this game. They coasted last year after going up big on the Aggies and a sub-par defensive effort allowed the Aggies to make it interesting. If the Bronco defense gives up over 500 yards passing this year on the blue...they absolutely deserve to lose.

Ian Johnson, Jeremy "don't call me 'peanut'" Avery and DJ Harper should feast on this NMSU defense. Johnson seemed like he was running through Nerf tackling dummies last year in Las Cruces and I fully expect him to take off again this year in Boise. Running the ball will also speed up the game and keep the Aggie offense off the field. Last year the Aggies ran about 85 plays against the Broncos and about 75 were pass plays...our nickel and dime package defenders should factor in heavily in this one. I expect to see Rashaun Scott, Austin Smith and true frosh Brandyn Thompson rotating in throughout the night. Oh yeah, and not a knock on Orlando...but I would hope that it's Kyle Wilson that will be on WR Chris Williams' hip all night.

Orange and Blue-out version 2.0 is coming up on Sunday so check out broncosports.com to see what you're supposed to be wearing. Don't be a rebel, wear the right colors...IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK?! Oh, and if I catch anyone starting the wave when we're on O...I'm just gonna lose it Robb Akey-style.


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BSU 42, NMSU 20
Holbrook <300 yards passing
NMSU rushing <80 yards

BSU rushing 250 yards
Defense with 3 INTS.

Are you writing these down?

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