Childs on graduation promise: "Never mind"

You'll never have it this easy again.

About a month ago, Jeremy Childs said that he would return for his senior season at Boise State. You remember, it went something like this:

...yadda yadda my mom, blah blah blah diploma...
Well, like goings-on in Las Vegas...Childs believes that 'things that happen in December, stay in December' and has promptly spun an athletic 180 and decided to depart for the NFL. Rumors to this effect started swirling last week from J Bates' general direction...but now it appears confirmed—Childs is taking his 10-yard outs to the big show, and Orlando Scandrick's senioritis has infected another big time Bronco player. Sadly, Childs was only 1 yard from jersey retirement.

In other news, Kirby Moore will start next year.

Semi-full story [Statesman]

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Jeff C. said...

I want good players to go on and be great in their future athletic professions, but it's disappointing to see 'em leave too early. As for retiring jerseys, I would hate to see one retired any time before a senior year, and feel that it should be a requirement, not an exception of one's collegiate greatness. Want to be enshrined? Earn it all the way.