Jadon Dailey is gone-zo.

"Losing good commentators makes me a sad Panda..."

Looks like everyones favorite color commentator will not be back in the booth next year. Jadon Dailey has apparently parted ways with Peak and will be heading back to Arizona. Now, I heard rumblings about this a few days back, but didn't have the stones to post it as fact...but now Idaho Radio News has posted the story and I'm confident it is ringing true. IRN states:

Multiple sources (basically anyone I’ve asked) say he liked doing the play-by-play but was frustrated with the other parts of the gig - selling ad time for Peak.
This may be true, but someone very close to the program told me the other day that an illness in the family might be in play here as well. Either way, we'll certainly miss Jadon's wit and wisdom and wish him the best in the future.

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