New feature

Not faster than a speeding bullet.

You've all seen the celebrated Chuck Norris facts, right? Well, not even Chuck can hold a candle to our resident immortal, Kellen Moore (just don't tell Chuck I said that). So in the spirit of full disclosure, FFBSU (that's us) is trotting out a new feature: The Kellen Moore Fact of the Day™. They're kinda like Chuck Norris facts, but with less roundhouse kicks. You can find The Kellen Moore Fact of the Day™ in the sidebar right below the RSS feed buttons. Enjoy...and if you have a few obscure Kellen facts, send them to me right HERE.

Also, you can join the newly created Kellen Moore Facts Facebook group so you don't miss any.


StatueLeft said...

I would like to see the Km fact of the day at the top of the sidebar...what do you think?

Paige said...

LOL! This is great! Can't wait for the first one.

JT Ray said...

I think they are so funny they should be a daily post? Is there a way to archive the facts?

Drew said...

The Facebook group is where they are being archived. The graphic in the sidebar will update every day with the new facts. If popular demand dictates...it may be moved up higher in the sidebar.