The Broncos just got their first commitment of the 2010 class. Yes, I said 2010...well, typed it actually. Anyway, DL Tyrone Crawford from Windsor, Ontario has signed on with the Broncos in what may be the earliest commitment ever. Now Crawford, who is currently on the roster at Bakersfield College, was already somewhat "in the pipeline" as he was originally the object of the coaches interest when they ventured up North during the '08 recruiting cycle. The coaches ended up coming back with Crawford's teammate, Mike Atkinson and Crawford, who had a little trouble qualifying, elected to go the JC route. Now the 6'5" 258 lb. Crawford has things sorted out academically and would like to take the coaches up on their original offer. Crawford was named to the SCFA first-team defense for the 2008 season. Coincidentally, one of Crawford's teammates at Bakersfield is Van Drumgoole, the Vallivue star who received a scholarship last year from the Broncos but later declined it. Current Bronco LB Daron Mackey played at Bakersfield in 2007.

You've seen Atkinson...the big D-lineman that can run like a gazelle. Well, check out Crawford, he also was utilized on the offensive side of things up at Catholic Central High. I'm liking this precedent of getting big, strong D-lineman that are fast and athletic enough to play fullback or tight end.


TitoRay said...

It must be something in the water, up there in Ontario.
Imagine using Bacon and this kid as running backs.
This seriously adds a lot of speed to the Bronco D. A great addition for the Broncos.

TitoRay said...

Crawford has a 34" vertical leap and 4.7 speed. Man, he could play TE, FB, DE, or DT!

Amanda said...

Nice game.. amanda vanderpool fashion