Blue by you.

The team parity seems a bit Fünke this year.

As you may now know, the annual Blue and Orange (or rather, Blue and White) is taking on a new look this year. The contest this Friday will not feature the wacky scoring or "ones" vs. "twos" scenarios that we've all grown accustomed to. This year, things get real...er. The Blue and Orange White teams have been assigned coaches and the coaches have "drafted" offensive and defensive players for each team to play four 8 minute quarters. Sounds great, right? Yeah, but there's one problem: the Blue team is WAY better than the Orange White.

Now, this isn't to say that the White team will stink...far from it. The White team is chock full of talented, athletic guys...Broncos all. But the disparity between starters on the Blue and White teams is a little ridiculous. Ready?

Well, the Blue team has probable 1st or 2nd round draft-pick Kyle Wilson, speedster Titus Young, 2nd scrimmage MVP D.J. Harper AND Jeremy Avery. I'm not even a little bit done yet. QBs for the Blue team will be Kellen Moore and Drew Hawkins who will be protected by Thomas Byrd, Garrett Pendergast, Zach Waller, Cory Yriarte, Faraji Wright, Brenel Myers and Joe Kellogg. All-potential first teamer Mike Atkinson will be the Blue team DT and Byron "I must break you" Hout will hold down the end. Oh yeah, and they have Brandyn Thompson, George Iloka, Winston Venable and Jeron Johnson.

Now, like I said the White team is no slouch...they have Austin Pettis, Doug Martin, Mike Coughlin and Shea McLellin as well as the only healthy fullback on the team Dan Paul. The O-line for the White squad may be as just as capable as the Blues for all I know. Here's the rub though...the Blue team has AT LEAST 16 guys that were starters or had significant game experience in 2009. Pretty much the entire secondary for the Blue squad are starters as are both the Blue team's runningbacks and quarterback. The White squad has maybe 10 guys with the same credentials.

Now, please understand that I am not slagging off the White team, but the "skill" and "experience" positions heavily favor the Blues. Game changers Richie Brockel, Nate Potter, Billy Winn and Ryan Winterswyk aren't even suiting up.

Do the Bronco coaches realize what they've done? They've given the Blue and Orange White game rooting interest. Go White!

Update: Coach Pete throws a wrench in the whole thing by announcing that star players (i.e., the Blue team) will suffer mysterious mock injuries during the game (I said "mock injuries" guys) that will force substitutions to be made. Looks like a bold gambit by Coach Kwiatkowski now.

Spring Game rosters [BroncoSports]


Anonymous said...

No post on the blue and white game? What gives?

Drew said...

Sorry, Anonymous...had to leave town unexpectedly this weekend and didn't get to post the write-up. I'll make it up to everyone tonight.

Anonymous said...

Why is there no orange anymore? I think a campaign to bring back the ORANGE should be started!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I knew you guys would come through. I always enjoy your unique take on all things Bronco, sorry if I came across as impatient but I NEED MY FFB FIX!

Anonymous said...

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