One of the Cavenders is the new color analyst.

The Cavenders

Jeff Pete Cavender will take Jadon Dailey's recently vacated seat as color analyst for the Broncos this Fall. Jeff Pete was part of the Broncos' undefeated 2006 campaign and was a mainstay on the Bronco O-line next to twin brother Pete Jeff for 3 out of 4 seasons at Boise State. KTVB sez:
Pete will offer a unique perspective with his knowledge of team strategies, plays, coaching personalities, and players make him uniquely qualified for this important position.
Hard to tell whether Jeff Pete will add the personality of the departed Mr. Dailey as frankly, I can't tell him or his brother apart. I mean, I know that one of them was always a good interview during his tenure here...just not sure which one got the gig. The possibility of Parent Trap-esque color analyst switcheroos is quite intriguing though, you've gotta admit. Bob Behler will play the Brian Keith role...wacky hijinx are sure to follow.

Peak names Cavender as color analyst [KTVB]

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