Oh snap...we got another snapper

The Katy Times (TX) are reporting that Chris Roberson has accepted an offer to play football at Boise State. Roberson, who played both linebacker and fullback at Katy High School, will apparently be coming to Boise to try to snag a floating scholarship at the long snapper position. As Roberson's scholarship is not a definite, it appears he will be attending as an invited walk-on. Roberson believes he'll stick.

"They have a scholarship waiting. They've offered for me to go to school there, and earn the scholarship if I beat out the guys they have."
I'll be honest...I'm not really sure how our long-snapper situation is right now. Dallas Dobbs was a long-snapping specialist the last few years and prior to that, Jon Mike Dominguez held the role—I don't see why the 6'1", 220 lb. Roberson couldn't inject himself right into the mix. After all, he's got his very own long snapping coach.
"I have a deep snapping coach in California, and they saw me on his web site," Roberson said Monday night.
Roberson will represent the 7th Texas athlete on the Broncos' roster. Welcome aboard, kid—and good luck.

Katy's Roberson picks Boise State [Katy Times]


Anonymous said...

Mike Dominguez was the long snapper, not "Jon" Dominguez

Drew said...

Thanks anonymous for correcting my oversight. My little typo there proved my point quite nicely about snappers though, didn't it? We don't pay that much attention to them, but they're one of the more important positions on the field.

Anonymous said...

It's definitely right! it's Mike Dominguez. amanda vanderpool model