Al Davis now certifiably insane...

The Oakland Raiders love to lose. How else can you explain their bizarre draft picks, their complete feebleness on the field and their pitiful string of hires (Jon Gruden notwithstanding)? The Al Davis Experience took another painful U-turn today...replacing youngster Lane Kiffin with...ready...Tom Cable! They say when life shuts one door it opens a window...well get ready to open the windows, Raider fans because it's going to start to stink. Learning nothing from history or the utter failures of other Vandal head coaches (Scott Linehan?), Al Davis saw fit to turn the reins of a once storied program over to the guy that was too inept even for the Vandals. If I didn't grow up a Raiders fan, I would be positively gleeful.

Maybe I'm overreacting a touch...I mean, Cable did win 11 games for the Vandals which is about 11 times more wins than Robb Akey can muster. Nope...Al Davis needs a straight jacket over that jogging suit.

Raiders 'need' Cable [SFGate]

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