Jeron Johnson's felonious assault

I've been warning people since last season—Jeron Johnson is going to kill somebody. No one listened...people shrugged it off, but I kept repeating my warnings. The sophomore safety has been incredible for the Broncos in his short tenure here...but seems to have a disregard for his own body and a disdain for the bodies of opponents. Witness the following evidence and I defy you to tell me that Jeron Johnson isn't a bad, bad man.

Russell Hill was courageous to take the field again after this hit...it left him with a bloodied nose (most likely due to whiplash). I fear we may witness Jeron snapping someone in half before the year is out, heck, it may be this Saturday against Bowling Green. We're all going to be accessories.

Thanks to JT for finally getting this vicious hit online.


Berto said...

I was in the NEZ, not too far from that hit and so I heard it rather easily but it was so vicious that my brother, who was sitting at the top of the eastside stands, heard it too. That's the kind of aggresiveness that we need. No fribees for quarterbacks in the secondary or for receivers that decide to go airbourne.

Drew said...

You got that right, Berto. We are pretty high up in section 125 and I heard it loud and clear. Jeron and the boys are establishing "their territory" and receivers and scramblers may start hearing footsteps.

Jason Haberman said...

I demand slo-mo!

Still a nice video and a vicious hit

townes870 said...

This is just playing dirty. The Broncos depend on two things in their games: Luck, and these kind of tactics. It was the right call to eject him against the Ducks.

Anonymous said...

This is what separates football player from "football" (soccer) player. If a hit is dirty by being late or spearing then the play has to be penalized but there was nothing wrong with that hit. When you strap on those pad you best be prepared to get hit.