University of Idaho is ranked

No, I this is not the Bizarro world where up is down and Vandals are Broncos...looky at this top-15 ranking pulled down by the Vandals on Google Trends today. The University of Idaho has been riding the wave of uniform controversies for weeks now and have finally settled in just under "naked cyclist". Way to go, tribe from the North...you are one more controversy (and maybe a sleeping porch mishap) from the top 10!


Jason Haberman said...

Oh man... you missed it... There was a point this morning when "University of Idaho Cheerleaders" was number one on Google Trends.

Perhaps the first time the Vandals have been number one at anything in a long LONG time.

Jeremy said...

Talk about a downward spiral for the Vandals.
They were pathetic before all this even happened.
They sit alone in their own group of suckiness now.