Get Noisy, Boise

Understanding that this headline reinforces the improper pronunciation of the name of our fair city—it still serves as a public notice to Bronco fans who plan on attending tomorrow night's game. In 2005, the Bowling Green Falcons made the trip from Ohio only to be buried 48-20 by the Broncos. The Falcons had highly-touted QB Omar Jacobs and a scary spread offense that had nearly beaten Wisconsin the week prior...and they had the no-huddle. The no-huddle doesn't work in Bronco Stadium (at least for visitors)...and the Falcons still run it. Remember last year's win over a no-huddling Wyoming team that had coach Joe Glenn claiming that the Broncos were illegally "piping in" crowd noise to throw them off their game? Well, Bronco fans now know that Joe Glenn was/is nuttier than a fruitcake and no crowd noise was actually being pumped in, but we certainly don't blame Glenn for thinking that—the stadium was a-rockin' and the no-huddle wasn't a-knockin'...on the door....of the endzone...ahh forget it. My point is that the no-huddle offense (which the Broncos are fiddling with this season) didn't work for Wyoming in Bronco Stadium last season and it certainly didn't work for Bowling Green in 2005—stands to reason that we should get a little loud tomorrow night, eh? Who's with me?

Now seems like a good time to reinforce some fundamentals of stadium noise-making.

Catch the fever.

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