Clady pays for lion's share of ex-teammates' funeral

Every now and again, a story comes along that is at once sad and inspiring. One such story that has come out in the last few days was of the untimely death of Ernest Jones of Salina, CA. Jones and his roommate, Taryn Dechant, were found gunned down in their apartment on September 26th in an apparent double homicide. This horribly sad news, however, struck a decidedly more inspiring tone when Jones' former teammates at Eisenhower High ponied up over $11,000 for his funeral. According to Eisenhower coach Mike Clark, the lion's share of the money was given by ex-Boise State Bronco and current Denver Bronco, Ryan Clady. It seems that tragedy often brings out the best in people and I found the story of ex-players honoring a fallen teammate to be quite inspiring. We all knew that Clady's wish was to take care of his family first and foremost when NFL riches seemed inevitable—it is certainly great to hear that Clady is using his fame and fortune to take care of others in a world where so many only think of themselves.

Full story HERE.

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