Lucky number seven

Can I go back to Cal?

San Jose State was game, but the Broncos defense was stellar once again and the offense found a 165 lb. spark in Jeremy Avery and the Broncos ran their record to 7-0. The Spartans offense looked flustered all night long, but the Spartan defense kept things tight for most of the night with a pick-six, endzone fumble recovery and some very solid play from their D-line. With a 33-16 final, the Spartans scored the most points against the Bronco defense since the September 20th game at Autzen, but really can only be held to account for 10 of those points. I will give a lot of respect to the Spartans...they play hard and that defense is for real...if they can find an offense they may be very good. As it stands, however, the Broncos were the better team tonight and will probably not face a stiff test for weeks.

Quick Hits

  • Austin Pettis has some sticky hands
  • Jeron Johnson is a stud, but needs to dial it down a notch at times...personal fouls hurt.
  • Jeremy Avery is one slick dude and tough, too.
  • Dick Tomey needs some ginseng.
  • Kyle Efaw should've had a TD.

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