Spartan media has as much faith in their team as I do.

Sorry Dick, "close" only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

Among all the hand-wringing and backhanded praise for the Spartans going on this week, I actually found a couple of level-headed takes on the game...but from an unusual source...the San Jose State student newspaper's blog. What was apparently supposed to be a spirited point/counterpoint quickly devolved into the dramatic realization that the Spartans aren't playing a patsy this weekend, and thusly, will lose.

Last week, Boise State’s defense dominated Hawaii. They forced Hawaii’s quarterback Inoke Funaki into five interceptions. Funaki is very comparable to Kyle Reed who threw three interceptions against a soft New Mexico State defense. That spells trouble for the Spartans offense...
It also spells L-O-S-S. According to John Hornberg (who also picked the Spartans to lose), the Spartans held a "top notch" New Mexico State offense to only 14 points last week. Fun fact: Boise State held the same "top notch" NMSU offense to zero points last year, and that wasn't our "good" D. Bottom line: Boise State can and will score more than 14 pts. on the Spartans...and that's all they need to do. The Spartans anemic offense will not score more than 10 points on the Broncos—mark it down...use a permanent marker. Besides the erroneous classification of NMSU's offense as "top notch"...the San Jose guys got it right...the Spartans will lose this weekend and it probably won't even be as close that they think.

Boise State 23, SJSU 6

San Jose Daily Sports


John said...

NMSU's offense ranked 18th in total offense in the country entering the SJSU game last week (now ranked 30th in total offense after it.) Can't write that off, now can you?

Try again on the Broncos shutting out NMSU, because that was last year. We're talking this year.

The Spartans aren't going to win, we agree there, but don't write off facts as erroneous without research.

Drew said...

No research needed. The Aggies are a one-dimensional crap offense. You can pad stats all day against Nevada's horrific pass defense, but that does not a high-powered offense make.

And my point about last year was that NMSU's "high powered" attack put up a goose egg last year against an inferior Boise State D. The Spartans will not score on BSU...unless it's on D.