Holy cow...another commit.

Boise State has been tearing up the recruiting trail this season garnering 17 verbals between May and yesterday...now, add one more. Jake Broyles, a 6'6" 250 lb. OT from Henderson, NV has told Boise State that he intends to be a Bronco, according to the Las Vegas Sun. ESPN had this to say about Broyles:

Broyles displays some athleticism as an offensive lineman. He has a great frame and is an impressive looking football player. Comes out of stance square and with a good flat back with legs underneath him; fits well into the base block. At times is an instant late out of his stance in both the run game and in pass protection. An alert player that does a good job of picking up the blitz; football smart. Needs to learn to be more aggressive with hands; tough to sustain blocks unless locked into the defenders frame. Likes to play physical and has the will to fight defender at the line of scrimmage and when setting back in passing game. Tendency to get a little high when deep pass setting; lunges and really doesn't get anchored down on a consistent basis. Needs to set back quicker and have some patience. Broyles has the chance to be a very good offensive guard once he learns to have violent hands that he can use as a weapon to stalemate and control the opposition.
Broyles appears to have had the interest of Nevada, UNLV, Washington and Fresno State, Brown, and Princeton (he's smart). That's 18, folks, and they aren't done yet.


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