Why the hate?

As a young boy, I thought the University of Idaho wasn't so bad. I grew up in Boise and liked the Broncos, but would root for the Vandals when I saw them play. I had aunts and uncles who attended the University of Idaho and a couple that actually played on their sports teams. As a naive child it seemed to me that Idaho and Boise State were separated by geography alone. Then I grew up, as we all do, and realized that much more separate Boise State and Idaho than geography. The Broncos, quite frankly, are winners...and well, the Vandals are losers...and I don't just mean in a statistical or historical way (although the stats will back up this assertion). But alas, I am still a relatively young buck and can scarcely recall "the streak", Johnelle John L. Smith, or John Friesz—so I thought it best to solicit the older Bronco fans out there to find out just how deep the hatred runs. Turns out: pretty deep. Screen names were provided to protect the innocent from Vandal drive-bys, which we've heard are known to happen.


I am sure you are aware that first game, the DAVs* tried to duck Boise College and were forced to play us.

Prior to the game their coach said the 1st half would be more like a scrimmage and in the second half they would embarrass Boise (You guessed it, the Vandals lost).

The third game was the first one played in Moscow. That same coach Robbins, led the Vandals through the Boise locker room singing "Kiss my Ass BJC" (classy). This cost the (Vandals) the game—the Vandals were heavy favorites and the Broncos didn't think they could win, but that stunt was all that was needed to get Boise on the winning track. My source was Al Davis a Boise player and starter.
The Vandals used to control the SBOE when I was a kid (in the 50's). No matter what we (BSU) or ISU for that matter tried to do to improve ourselves or grow.....the Vanholes would squash it.....add to that the never ending string of scandals and lies to come out of that cesspool up north and you will have a damn thick novel not a story. There is too much for anyone here to jot down in an email. Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it. Every BSU student should really go back to the early days of the school and the state of Idaho and understand just what kind of people you are dealing with. Some of you young guys don't understand why some of us older guys hate the Vandals so much....well I will "F'ing" gar-un-tee you that it is well deserved and make no mistake they hate us.....they have always hated us, and they have tried since BSU was formed to shut us down.

I have never considered this a rivalry; even when I was a child.....I have always viewed it as some kind of twisted punishment that we have to have anything to do with those A-holes. I do not care to associate with criminals and scum, yet the state of Idaho makes us do that every time we have to come into contact with those losers.

What goes around comes around and the Vanholes are now reaping what they have sown. They could have taken the high road and been the flagship institution in this state but instead they chose the low road and they deserve every rotten thing that happens to them.
Tell us how you really feel, badger.

In a nutshell...the Vandals have always percieved themselves as a superior breed. I don't know why exactly, but Idaho alums talk about U of I like it's the Harvard or Yale of the northwest. It wouldn't be so bad, but once you realize how self-centered, and self-righteous, and self-congratulatory, and self-aggrandizing, and self-absorbed, and dumb most of these guys are...well, the hate just comes natural.

It's the feeling you'd have if Richard Simmons billed himself as one of the greatest athletes of the 20th century. You'd wanna pick him up by the hair and slap him until he cried. They should just drop back into AA, and disappear, as far as I'm concerned.

Make no mistake, this isnt a rivalry, its a class war, and when it comes to class, BSU has it, and U of I never will.
Richard Simmons isn't one of the greatest athletes of the 20th century?

Some Broncos take exception to the 1996 game that saw the Chris Tormey-led Vandals running up the score on an in-his-final-days Pokey Allen and the Broncos. They even ran a fake punt when they were up by nearly 50 points.

Me personally? I don't like the drunken frat boys that come to the games at Bronco Stadium and try to pick fights in the student section. I don't like the book-cooking that the Vandals do with their pathetic home attendance numbers. I don't like sleeping porches or beefcake photos. I don't like Dennis Erickson, Johnelle John L. Smith, Chris Tormey, Tom Cable, Nick Holt or Robb Akey. That's right...I don't like Robb Akey—the hybrid of Alex P. Keaton's dad on Family Ties and the neighbor from Office Space. I do like Rob Spear, though. Stay gold, Rob...stay gold (and please NEVER leave Moscow).

*DAV=Dog Ass Vandals, apparently Tony Knap rallied the troops and coined this term after the Vandal locker room hijinx in 1973.


Anonymous said...

As a Vandal Alumnus, I find it very interesting that the Vandals lack class. Every time I wear a Vandal article of clothing in Boise, I get inappropriate finger gestures and rude comments by Broncos and their fans. There is nothing wrong with having school pride. Unfortunately, my work has BSU pride day every Friday, in which I do not participate in wearing Bronco colors. I don't put down the people who do, either. When I wear Vandal gear to work, I get harassed all day long. How is THAT class? Go Vandals!

Silver Valley Girl said...

I can't believe I'm promoting your blog on the day you devote an entire post to talking about how, as a Vandal, I lack class. But even you have to admit that I am ONE CLASSY VANDAL, and I hope you can somehow reach across the aisles and embrace your silver and gold North Idaho auntie and know she thinks your blog is great, even though she doesn't care at all about college football, and could care even less for BSU football. Love ya, Drew. Keep up the good writing!!! My post is here: http://silvervalleystories.blogspot.com/2008/11/shout-out-to-fight-fight-bsu.html

Drew said...

Easy fix, anonymous...start wearing Bronco gear.

Drew said...

I guess I forgot to mention that there are some classy Vandals out there...but when we're talking football, you have to demonize your most bitter rivals...it's a rule, I think.

Phil said...
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Phil said...

I know lots of fans who root for all the Idaho teams. I saw a guy at Costco wearing a Boise State t-shirt and a Vandal cap. Not sure if he was wearing Bengal underwear!

I graduated from UI, while my wife graduated from BSU. So, our opinion is that each school has its positives and negatives, but I don't think any sports team, on any level, can claim to not have overzealous fans.

Personally, I'm still amazed that the Vandals have a diehard core of around 10,000 fans that still show up to games. Considering we've been one of the worst football programs in the country over the past 5 or 6 years! We're nothing if not loyal.

Drew said...

Phil, this article could've easily been a point/counterpoint. Broncos dislike Vandals and Vandals dislike Broncos...that's life. I have friends who are Vandals and vice versa...but on gameday once a year, I loathe those guys. I wanted to find out why the old timers hated the Vandals...my reasons have little to do with "class" and more to do with dislike of how athletic departments are run and my own run-ins with overzealous Vandals.

It appears to be the Bronco consensus that the Vandals "started it"...but I'm willing to admit that that may not be the case.

But hey, it's a rivalry...without the vitriol it wouldn't be the highly anticipated game it is each season.

Anonymous said...

Dear Pot,

I heard you were talking about class and was reminded of recent incident between the two teams. Remember when the BSU defensive player of the week last year at this time slammed the sledgehammer into the giant I logo at the Kibbie Dome and every reporter in Boise denied it happened, despite 16,000+ people saw him do it and both teams clearing the bench over it? Man that was one classy situation.

p.s. I heard you were calling me black again, not cool dude, not cool at all.


The Kettle

Anonymous said...

In about 50 years BSU graduates are going to start thinking on their own and they'll come up with the fact that there are only two certainties in life:

1. Don't do that

and two

2. You dropped 20 grand on an education you could have gotten at Phoenix online for $30 a month in high speed internet charges