WAC Player of the Week: Hout'd!

Bronco true frosh LB/DE/MVP/BMOC Byron Hout was named the WAC defensive player of the week today, striking fear into WAC opponents for the next 3 1/2 years. You may remember that Hout's redshirt was burned halfway through the season as coaches found him too good/terrifying to keep off the field. We applaud their foresight. Hout has been a force in every game he has played in this year proving largely unblockable and downright mean. All this from a kid that was and still is expected to play linebacker. Hout had 2 sacks, 5 tackles and a forced fumble against Idaho on Saturday...the fumble was returned for a TD by Ellis Powers. If your keen eyes can't pick up Hout on the field in the mess of D-line substitutions that the Broncos pull—he's number 94 (he'll be the guy shedding his block effortlessly).

In other news, Jeremy Avery got robbed as the offensive player of the week. Nevada's Colin Kaepernick got the honors instead. Hey Colin, dare you to repeat.


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