Tool alert!

I was lucky enough to stumble on to this Coug fans deliciously condescending blog discussing a potential Boise State Mountain West invite. I strongly urge Bronco Nation to let "Adam" know exactly how many MWC teams Boise State has lost to. You've been called out kid. This oughtta whet your appetite:

I don't like the Boise State Broncos. I know a lot of BYU fans do, but I don't. I don't sympathize with them, I don't like them and I think they need to be humbled in a big way.
How dare you distract me from my Vandal-hating in this of all weeks!

Adam's Sports Blog


StatueLeft said...

Did you just start the first BSU "street team", with the onslaught on this guys blog....

Drew said...

Darn right. Bronco Nation...Attack!