Know your enemy (for this week, anyway)

If you look at the scoreboard upside down, we actually won.

Boise State gets the distinct pleasure of playing another Aggies team this weekend on the blue...the dreaded Utah State Aggies. The Broncos are coming off a cake walk win against New Mexico State, the Aggies are coming off a surprising win over Hawaii. Most fans, like me, know little about Utah State outside of Johnelle John L. Smith and his bifurcated tail. Needless to say, there is a lot to be learned about this week's foe (don't worry, Kellen Moore already knows their defense intimately)...so let's explore through the magic of factoids and childish jokes. For the mutual benefit of the Aggie faithful, I will let you get to know us a little bit too...so take notes.

Ten things Bronco fans might not know about Utah State

10. Why is the New Mexico State Aggie a cowboy and the Utah State Aggie a pig cow bull? Well, an Aggie mascot generally denotes that the school is an agricultural institution. Utah State was established in Logan, Utah as the Agricultural College of Utah and didn't become Utah State University until 1957. The first athletics teams actually were known as "the Farmers". I personally think that "Soil Strikers" would've been much more fearsome a nickname.

9. Utah State University faculty played a key role in advising Iran on water, soils, and crop management. They also helped Ahmadinejad pick out his snappy jacket.

8. Utah State manufactures a college ice cream known as Aggie Ice Cream, which is sold in 26 flavors. The football team's favorite flavor: Rocky Road.

7. The Aggie football team's most celebrated alum is Merlin Olsen, a Hall of Fame defensive tackle with the Los Angeles Rams. Olsen was a 14 time Pro-Bowl selection and named to the NFL 75th Anniversary All-Time Team in 1994. You may also remember Olsen as playing Charles Ingalls' pal Jonathan Garvey on Little House on the Prairie and trying to guilt you into buying FTD flowers.

6. In 1909 the first senior class gift was an "A" placed on the west side of Old Main tower. The "A," now on all four sides of the tower, can be seen throughout the valley, especially at night when lit in white. For special occasions and athletic wins, the "A" shines blue. In other words, it only shines during basketball season.

5. Utah State plays their football games at Romney Stadium (capacity 25,313). The stadium is named after coach E.L. "Dick" Romney, the Aggie coach from 1918 to 1949. Romney (yes, those Romneys) has the most career wins in Aggie history (128), and as you might expect, the most career losses as well (91).

4. Prior to becoming Boise State's head coach in 1968, Tony Knap led the Aggies for 4 seasons, going 25-14. Knap was 71-19 at Boise State.

3. In 1919, Utah State defeated Idaho State 136-0 in Logan. Every October, Aggie alums mark the anniversary by driving to Pocatello and kicking it in the groin.

2. In 1989, for a tax write-off on the unsold inventory, Apple Computer Inc. buried about 2,700 unsold Apple Lisas in a guarded landfill in Logan. Wonder what they're gonna do with all those unsold Brent Guy bobbleheads?

1. Utah State has long-standing ties with NASA and conducts extensive aerospace research. Utah State is one of only six universities to participate in NASA's New Millenium program, and as such, conduct research on the Geosynchronous Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer (GIFTS). I don't think I am overstating when I say that the Geosynchronous Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer is the most important issue facing Americans today.

Ten things Aggie fans might not know about Boise State

10. Boise State 2009 wide receiver commit and Kellen Moore kid-brother, Kirby Moore, last week became the new national record holder for career touchdown catches. Kirby now has 85 career TD grabs, which broke the record set by ex-LSU wide receiver Abram Booty. If anything, this record will provide newspapers a rare chance to print the words "Moore Booty" in a headline without any legal ramifications.

9. Boise State alum James Cassan ('60) is the founder of Dollar Rent A Car, which has the most misleading name since the Radio Flyer.

8. Boise was once a key trading post for the Hudson Bay Trading Company. Back then, you could get two potatoes for a smallpox-infested blanket...darn inflation.

7. Boise State's only member of the College Football Hall of Fame is Randy Trautman. Boise State's next member of the College Football Hall of Fame is my 1 year old son (a dad can dream).

6. Sideline reporter for Boise State football's local telecasts, David Augusto, is only 12 inches tall. His appearance on the sidelines as a man of 5'5" is accomplished by the use of stilts and a forklift...and never letting him stand next to Larry Gebert, whose mustache would quickly envelop him.

5. LOST star Matthew Fox's brother Francis teaches sculpture at Boise State.

4. Boise State offers the nation's only masters of science in Raptor Biology. I thought about being a raptor biologist myself, but watching Jurassic Park turned me off that idea.

3. Boise State recently passed a campus-wide smoking ban that prohibits the practice indoors and out on all university-controlled property. Boise State's football team will likely face a hefty fine after smoking the Aggies on Saturday.

2. In the 1970s at the height of the streaking fad, a male streaker attempted to duck through the Boise State Student Union lobby and out a back door. Unfortunately for him, the door was locked and he was caught in the act by a surprised University President John Barnes.

1. During 2008 Spring Practices, 8 representatives of the American football club at Hosei University in Tokyo spent two weeks observing the Broncos' spring practices and meetings. The visitors may have been confused when they met Boise State wide receiver Toshi Franklin, Toshi means "town" in Japanese.

Well, there you have it...we now know a little bit more about the Aggies and they know a little more about us. Group hug.

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