And the Oscar goes to...

DTX media has produced a very tight little intro that is going to be used on BroncoVision, the still woefully undersized video screen, right before kickoff. As you can see from the screencap above...it features lots of Doug "Doug Mad" Martin and a cast of thousands (well...dozens) of the Broncos' finest as they prepare to annihilate the competition. DTX really did a bang up job on this and since BroncoVision is terribly hard to see and the PA is so terribly hard to here...you can check out the masterpiece here. Warning: may induce goosebumps, chills and possess you to start doing sit-ups.


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Nick@DTX said...

Have you seen the new one? There is a sneak peek at:

This also includes screen caps of the much anticipated new Just B site, which will soon replace Bronco Country as the premier forum and gathering place for Bronco Nation