Big Surprise

Well, it looks as if my crystal ball is nicely buffed for the 2008 season—Ryan Winterswyk is off to the predictable start as an all-WAC world-beater for his sophomore season and has been named Pete's "camper of the day" for the first day of fall camp. Pete said of the super soph:

“Great effort,” said Petersen. “He’s a veteran guy for us now and he knows the intensity we need to play with and win with and he sure had it on day one.”
Oh yes (rubbing hands together maniacally), it is all going as we have foreseen it...Winterswyk "the Flying Dutchmen" gets the very first camper of the day honor...records 17 sacks against Idaho State...crushes a Bowling Green running back into dust... Oh yes, it is all panning out like we thought.

Does the WAC realize it is about to get systematically Swiked?

In other news...Dave Southorn intimates that some of the newcomers are fat. Who are you, Dave...Charles Atlas?

And does the Bronco blog podcast has some competition? Nope.

And how about the Magic Valley Times? They've got Wordsworth doing their blogging...brings a tear to the eye.

IPT has a nice little audio slideshow of day one.

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