Cupcakes are good...

Though this weekend's opener lacks the drama or uncertainty that the rest of the Broncos' slate offers...there's no reason to get down about it. Most Bronco fans are just happy that real life football is due to be played at Bronco stadium in only a few short days. But maybe there is more intrigue in this matchup than meets the eye. Just look!

Records will fall
Not only will this Saturday's game be the first start for a Freshman ever in an opener, but for a couple of weeks at least it will be the largest crowd ever to witness a game on the blue turf. The Stueckle Sky Club, Loge boxes and other stadium upgrades will allow for over 32,000 Bronco butts in the seats. No word yet if the Guinness folks will be on hand.

Payback time
The Broncos have played the Bengals 29 times in school history—winning 23. It's finally payback time for the 6 losses to the Bengals. You're gonna pay Zamberlin...you're gonna pay.

Swike streak begins
As the season progresses, I am going to run a graphic showing all of the opposing QBs to get "swiked" by sophomore DE Ryan Winterswyk. No place like Russell Hill to start.

Barbeque scrimmage
You wouldn't want to waste your best tailgating on a 1-AA opponent, would you? Think of this Saturday's game as a tailgate scrimmage so your smokers and chip dips can get into mid-season form before the Falcons come to town.

Bob Behler's coming out party
Think of this as Bob Behler's scrimmage too. Behler and Jadon Dailey will have a full game to talk about the ineffectiveness of Eddie Thompson, Mitch Rudder, the Big Sky conference and Jadon's love for tacos—so tune in and hear the dynamic duo for the first time!

The Century mark
Boise State has yet to score 100 points in their years playing football. All I'm asking is 11 TDs (going for 2 every time) and then 4 simple field goals. You can do it fellas.

O ye of little faith
We all know how special the freshman signal caller is...but this weekend, if you have enough faith...we may witness Kellen Moore heal a blind referee, feed the entire stadium with naught but a handful of nachos, cast a demon out of Buster Bronco.

Flappymouth, we hardly knew ye
Buster Bronco (besides being possessed, apparently) has a new noggin...and it's jaw is 50% less flappy. We can't wait to see him run on the field and chest bump Andrew Woodruff and then go and fight the Carl's Junior Star guy.

You kidding me?
Where else have you got to be? Really...Mr. Stuckup...where've you got to be? I thought so, get down there and watch a good old fashioned beatdown.

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