Coach Pete presser

Audio now up on IPT website HERE. Highlights?

  • Jeremy Childs is back...but not for the ISU game—Paul J. calls him "Jeremy Avery"
  • "1 to 2" true freshman starting would be great
  • Extremely excited about DJ Harper—"Haven't even seen the best of him yet"
  • Richie Brockel is a genius—Graduates in a few weeks; has two years left to play ball
  • Vinny Perretta is back in top form
  • George Iloka a greenshirt? He's ready to compete for playing time this year
  • Billy Winn won't be ready for first game
  • Matt Slater is on scholly now
  • Coach Pete not a big fan of new clock rules


JT Ray said...
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JT Ray said...

Paul J with the hard hitting questions

"Hows Jeremy Avery, I mean Childs"

"Is it too early to talk Quarterback"

"What's the biggest issue heading into the first week of practice"

Coach Pete now has more gray hair.