Deja Vu

Hawaii has named a sophomore JC transfer from California as their starting QB. Deja Vu? No...Hawaii has named Brent Rausch as their starting QB after a tumultuous fall that saw heir-apparent Tyler Graunke held out of camp and two JC transfers battle for the spot. Now before you panic...here are some things that Rausch doesn't have in common with the last California JC-transfer that was named Hawaii's QB:

  • Rausch's lastname is Rausch
  • Rausch doesn't have the Hawaiian islands dyed into his hair
  • Rausch doesn't have a surprisingly girly voice
  • Rausch, as far as we know, hasn't puked moments before throwing a TD pass
Here are the things that are eerily similar:
  • As mentioned before...Sophomore California JC-transfer
  • Blonde buzzcut
  • Will know mostly defeat at hands of Broncos
Ryan Winterswyk now knows whom to kill.

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