Guerrero makes one more move

Fight, Fight, BSU has found out this morning that Alex Guerrero will be doing color commentary this fall for Boise State football games. What?! No Jadon Dailey?

The reality is that Jadon will still be doing color commentary for KIDO's game broadcasts with Bob Behler—Alex will be doing color commentary for KWEI's Spanish language game broadcasts. Congrats to Alex for this new opportunity...you'd better believe that if I spoke Spanish, I'd been listening in.


thatdudeag99 said...

The press official release will be out tomorrow. But i will also be doin a 2 hour pre game show in english and were working on doing something during the week as well...im exited to be apart of Bronco Nation once again (LIKE I EVER LEFT LOL!)

Drew said...

Hope you don't mind me leakin' this. The select few who read my blog deserve a scoop now and again. I am super excited about you workin' the mic for the Broncos. Congrats again.

Wac Daddy said...

Very Kewl.
The Wac Daddy will be listening for sure!
Always room for more listeners.
Hey, I'll give you some beads on game day!

Anonymous said...

Yeah you better give him a beads for goodluck.. Checkout Amanda