Bobby Bowden doesn't like blue turf.

Florida State president TK Wetherell thinks a playoff system is coming. At a recent "Football Forum" in Dallas, Wetherell, along with Gary Patterson (TCU head coach), Mark Mangino (velour-loving Kansas coach), Jim Tressel (sweatervest-loving tOSU coach), Ty Willingham (UW head coach), Kevin Anderson (Army AD) and Kevin White (Notre Dame ND) discussed the benefits of a Division 1-A football playoff . Wetherell, whose Florida State Seminoles play in the ACC—the same ACC that recently backed out of the Boise-based Humanitarian Bowl—says only Florida State and Boston College favor a playoff amongst ACC schools.

Wetherell sees the financial sense of a playoff as he believes that the demand for will reach critical mass sooner than later. Wetherell—clearly one of the brighter college presidents among BCS affiliates—would also like his 'noles to come and play in Boise. This desire, sadly, is not shared by FSU's pater familias Bobby Bowden:

I'd like to play in Boise because I spend Christmas at my ranch in Montana, I can drive over there. I keep telling Coach Bowden, let's go to Boise. He says, boy, they don't play football on blue rugs.
That's good...because Boise State doesn't play football against 90 year-old coaches.

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