Gerald Alexander loves his mom

Former Boise State defensive back, Gerald Alexander, who now plays for the Detroit Lions has a special bond with his mom. Gerald's mom moved to Boise to be near her son during his Boise State playing days and even opened up a Bronco-friendly Louisiana Fried Chicken franchise—now Gerald is showing his mom his commitment to her...by giving her a brand new Mercedes. A 2008 Mercedes CLS550, to be exact—fully loaded.

Gerald's gift was the second car he scouted for her...the first one he crashed on it's maiden voyage.

"Wham! I hit this lady," Alexander said. "I'm just thinking like, 'Did this really just happen?' It was obviously a shocking situation. I was telling everybody, 'How do you crash on a test drive?' "
Weird. We all thought that Alexander was better at Safety. A Mercedes CLS550 is about $80K...I got my mom a card.

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