Boise State a crappy, alt-rock quartet?

It seems someone has compiled a list comparing college football teams to their musical doppelgangers. While I don't like the idea of Boise State being an annoying Canadian frat-rock group...you can't argue with their rationale. Below are the highlights with a mind on Boise State's '08 schedule:

BOISE STATE: NICKELBACK—Put out a ton of hits recently. You keep thinking that their gonna go away, but they keep putting out hits.

OREGON: ALICE IN CHAINS—Underrated. Very strong 90's until present. Same general region.

HAWAII: PHISH—Weird, gimmicky. Way "out there". Their fans are half-naked, but not necessarily in good shape.

UNLV AND NEVADA: ROBERT GOULET AND ENGLEBERT HUMPERDINCK—Everyone knows who they are, but nobody knows anything that they've ever done.

NEW MEXICO STATE: YOKO ONO—Less talented than Joplin (New Mex.). Uglier than Joplin (New Mex.). Somebody must be a fan, but I'm certainly not.

FRESNO STATE: SUGAR RAY—West coast. Everyone knows the lead singer (QB such as David Carr). Mediocre.

IDAHO: GWAR—They're weird. They're terrible. And nobody even cares about them.

Ok, maybe it's not as good as this list, but it's the offseason...whaddya want...Pulitzer prize winning stuff?

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