Oh, sweet irony!

The mighty Idaho Vandals (shown above, with patron saint), who love to live in the past and drag out graduation rates of their rival institutions will themselves be the recipient of sanctions for poor graduation rates on their football and basketball teams (who, coincidentally are among the worst in the country). University officials have confirmed that the Vandal football team has lost 8 scholarships for the upcoming season for academic and "other" reasons. Oddly enough, Idaho's "little brother" institution Boise State faces absolutely no NCAA sanctions for their money sports and has graduation rates that are among the top in the conference. It does look like Boise State will receive a 'public notice' for a poor multiyear cumulative APR (Academic Progress Report) in men's golf. Meh. Spin away, Vandals:

"A decision by the University of Idaho to focus on athlete integrity and character has resulted in some penalties from the National Collegiate Athletic Association,the Moscow university released in a statement."
What?! Oh, we're sorry...we didn't realize it was a too much character penalty.

Bronco fans, the word you are looking for is 'schadenfreude'



Dub Livitz said...

Is that Ben Gay in the middle? No wait... Thats "Wide Stance" Larry Craig with a "I just took a bathroom break" grin. Hey Vandals doesn't this pic make you proud?

Anonymous said...

Boise State has an overall graduation rate of 24%. That's the worst 6-year FTE graduation rate in the entire country, and it's embarrassing for the state.

Your school is a joke and everybody knows it.

Drew said...

Wow, anonymous...wow. What a timely and relevant post. This article was only written over 2 months ago. No one is embarrassed of Boise State and the only school that is routinely a punchline is U of I. You know it, I know it and everyone else knows it.

I think your ascot and monacle that you all wear up there at the "Harvard of the West" is clouding your mind.