Maisel and Schlabach toast (or roast) the WAC

In an article today entitled "Three Things I Can't Wait To See This Fall In The WAC", ESPN's dynamic duo, Mark Schlabach and Ivan Maisel pontificated about the upcoming WAC-ky season in the WAC. A brief run-down:

Maisel's crystal ball first foresees another non-magical ride for the Fresno State Bulldogs:

After Boise State and Hawaii crashed the BCS the past two years, the WAC is asking in slogan fashion, "Who's Next?" The answer is no one.
I can actually see Fresno pulling off 2 of 3 against the likes of Rutgers, Wisconsin and UCLA...or I could see them losing all three. However, even if Fresno pulls off the trifecta...they will again lose to Boise State on the blue. Touchdown Tommy Brandstater notwithstanding.

Maisel's second bullet is dedicated to everyone's favorite softy, Ian Johnson—whom Maisel thinks may struggle this year with a "fresh O-line":
...More importantly, he has only one returning offensive lineman, Andrew Woodruff, in front of him. In other words, no matter whom head coach Chris Petersen picks at quarterback, Boise State will go through some growing pains.
No, Ivan...line play in '08 can't be much worse than what we saw from our veterans in '07. Ian's nemesis this year? A ridiculously deep stable of proteg├Ęs carving away some of his carries. Ian still goes for 18 TDs and 1300 yards

Maisel's last pick is a yawner about La Tech, so we won't go much into that—suffice it to say, La Tech may get to .500 this year.

At the top of Mark Schlabach's list he poses this head-scratcher:
Will the pistol replace the run 'n' shoot as the toughest offense to beat in the WAC?
First off, the answer is 'no'. Secondly, I believe that historically the toughest offense to beat in the WAC has been Boise State's.

Schlabach's second query is another no-brainer:
Can Boise State re-establish its dominance in the WAC?
Only if BSU can overcome Pat Hill and his mighty Fresno State Bulldogs. The Bulldogs look poised to win yet another preseason WAC championship. The BSU coaching staff is so far inside Pat Hill's head it would take a Jules Verne-esque voyage to get them out.

Schlabach's third bullet, loosely translated reads:
Blah blah blah Fresno State, blah blah blah Bulldogs blah blah blah
Listen up, Mark...BSU is always the sexy pick to win the WAC, can't you see the world through blue and orange shades like the rest of us? Sheesh.

You can read the whole article HERE (but why would you want to? It's not nearly as concise or pithy as my summary)

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