Murphy: Idaho kids are slow, boring

Brian Murphy did his level best to stay awake at the 7th annual Idaho High School Football Combine...but he was groggy from the bacon, egg and cheese biscuit he'd had for breakfast.

Sadly for most kids at the Combine...Murphy just doesn't see much college potential:

It is clear, even to these novice eyes, that most of these players will never suit up for a college team or sign a college scholarship.

But they are in high school and not inclined to listen to people who tell them what they can't do. Good for them.
Yes, good for them and good for us...because if little Brian Murphy had listened to the naysayers all those years ago that said he was nothing more than a hack, amateurish sportswriter that changes with the breeze, we never would've gotten a chance to read his amazing insights.

Due Diligence

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