University of Idaho to fans: "@#$% you"

The Vandals' previously slow descent into madness and irrelevance has sped up rapidly in these latter days. The brains at the University of Idaho announced this week that they will not offer single game tickets this season, but instead make "fans" purchase a minimum of two game tickets. Isn't that fun?! And are they just perpetrating this on Idaho "fans"? Nope. They are making anyone wishing to purchase tickets to a game in Moscow do the same...knowing full well that none of those people are going to wish to return to the Krappy Kibbie Dome for another game.

As tempting as it is for Boise State fans to return to Moscow to watch the Vandals lose to Idaho State, I just don't think many will be willing to shell out more cash just to watch the Vandals put up a valiant first quarter effort against the Broncos.

Clearly, this is an attempt to remain in good graces with the Division 1-A attendance gods as Vandal games are about as well attended as a Saddam Hussein wake—but this is going to bite them in the proverbial keister, bank on it. Could it also be that the Vandals are trying to improve their paltry HFA, making darn sure that Vandal fans "greatly" outnumber visiting fans? No visiting fan in their right mind would want to purchase two tickets to the Kibbie Dome, unless there was a dog show there the following weekend. Just when we thought that Rob Spear couldn't get much slimier, right?

So, here's the deal: I say Bronco fans completely boycott that game. Don't give the U of I athletic department a dime for their little scam. Our Broncos don't need a large contingent of fans in Moscow to be able to overcome Robb Akey's "family". Instead, let's all fill up Boise bars and restaurants and watch KTVB's broadcast of the game instead—we'll be injecting more money into our OWN economy and not dealing with drunken fratboys defacing our cars. Whaddya say?

University of Idaho may be throwing up a big middle finger to opponent's fans and their own "fans" alike—well, Idaho...right back at ya!

Care for a Gem State Twin Pack?

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Dub Livitz said...

I agree to pass on the trip to Moscow. It is a crappy town, crappy university, with a vandalizing fan base. (yes they have vandalized my car both times I went to the game there)I prefer to go to the Nevada game. Reno is far superior to Moscow in every way, and UNR football is actually competitive.